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New Music for a Classic Season

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November to many is basically Christmas time, rather than Thanksgiving. People over look the turkey and stuffing, and get their minds set for Santa, presents, and in-laws. Even the radio stations shift their gears into overdrive. As (to be exact) a week after Halloween, a radio station started to play Christmas music. In specifics, November 3rd at around 8 a.m. Which raises a question, why do they always play the same music?

From Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms, to Happy Christmas by John Lennon, we’ve heard it all. So why isn’t there anything new? With all the artists and musicians in the world, why hasn’t one of them created a new song to be heard on the Christmas infested radio? There are various reasons on why there haven’t been any new joyous Christmas songs. As stated in an article by Allison Stewart of The Washington Post in an interview with Scott Hoying, a lead vocalist of Pentatonix states, “…To come up with something new is really tough. It’s about a balance between being creative and risky and new, and also keeping that classic nostalgic feeling of what Christmas is about.” What he stated is more than logical. To create a Christmas, “holly jolly”, we love everyone kind of song now a days, is rough.

With everything going on in the world today, and how people have changed over the centuries, it makes sense on why no one sings a new Christmas carol. In example, the Starbucks cup controversy. The cup was fruitfully designed in Christmas drawings, and many people found it offensive to their religion. Which may lead to the fact that a song will offend many. Also, many people listen to the radio rather than go to Starbucks.

Christmas is supposed to be a family oriented, and benevolent holiday. Hearing a new and warm carol to submerge people into high spirits is what everyone needs. But, creating something new to please EVERYONE is harder than it seems. To not insult neither the people, nor their religion is tough. It’s been done before, though, and I know musicians today can put their heads together and make new songs to keep many happy and cheerful during this Christmas season.

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New Music for a Classic Season