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Nathan Sykes: New Talent Trying to Make His Way

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Nathan Sykes: Big Talent With a Ways to Go

Many people know this name originally as from a part of the boy group, “The Wanted.” He left the group as of mid 2014,and the group soon after fell out and the boys went their separate ways, leaving no bad blood. He’s started to make a name for himself with the few singles he’s been releasing since he began his solo career. As a new comer to the solo game, he still some obstacles to overcome before he can become that ‘next big thing.’

His first single, “Kiss Me Quick” has received 2.5 million view on youtube in the mere four months. Looking at it, the lyrics really aren’t anything special. Really, it’s just another ‘I miss my girl’ song. The song itself however isn’t what’s been made to get the views. The video is focused on Nathan himself. It’s an appeal to all the girls out there looking for a man. This is a smart move, building up a strong audience before he drops his debut album.

Nathan has previewed his album at a few England shows, but has not yet released an official release date for the full track. He is a good talent and beginning to make a name for himself rather than being a part of a group, as he was previously, where everyone was sort of blended together and no one really stood out. He’s taking his stance as a new young solo artist and trying to make his mark on the business. He has the potential to do great things and one can only wait and see to find out what becomes of his new career.

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Nathan Sykes: New Talent Trying to Make His Way