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Highschool here you come: Welcome Class of 2016

Jackie White

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Welcome Class of 2016! I know entering a new school can be kinda frightening, so here’s some of the need to know info about DC.
Homecoming week is one of the most exciting traditions at DC. The week starts of with a huge bonfire for the whole entire school. I strongly suggest that you go to the bonfire cause its a lot of fun. Then at school everyday of the week there is a special theme. This year the theme of the dance was I <3 New York so we had dress up like a tourist day, mix match day, dress up day for church, and much more. My favorite day of the week is Friday when the pep-rally is held. On this day people wear their class shirt. You can order a class shirt during the beginning of the week. Buying a shirt is not required. There are both ups and downs to buying a shirt. On the positive side you will fit in with the crowed because a lot of people buy them and when you’re a freshman you will probably not have a lot of spirit clothes yet, so it will help with that. On the negative side the shirts do cost money. Even though they cost money I would suggest buying one! At the pep-rally the four grade compete in games like take the bacon and tug of war. The students vote earlier on in the week to pick which students will represent their grade. The pep-rally is a lot of fun and makes classes shorter for the day! On Saturday there is a parade of floats. Each grade has a float. If you have spare time you should help decorate the float, it’s a lot of fun and helps you meet new people. The parade leads to the big football game.
Like all high schools, sports are a big part of the school. If you play a sport or want to play one I would definitely suggest trying-out. If you are nervous about making it, there are some non-cut sports at DC like track and cross-country. If you’re not into sports there are plenty of other activities. For example the play and musical are a big part of the school and always really good. If you like public speaking you should join the award winning forensics team. The forensics team is a team that performs public speaking. There are a lot of different categories and I heard it’s really fun! If preforming isn’t your thing, there are tons of clubs at DC. For example there is a movie club, car club, art club, Spanish club, German club, Latin club and a bunch more.
The school is haunted… When the school’s gym was being built several years, a worker fell and died. Ever since then people have reported hearing strange noises at the school. They say if you’re at the school at night it always feels like someone is following you. One staff member says he saw the ghost one time. Here are some websites that tell about the haunting-
Science fair is probably the biggest project you will have to do at DC. You have to pick a topic, write a research paper on it, design an experiment, and present your results on a big display board. Some projects can take months to do. The projects are scored and the best ones get to go to COBO. At COBO you can win a lot of prizes. You can even win money. Another big academic hurdle is taking honors classes. Honor classes are a little time consuming but if you study hard and keep organized you’ll be fine. You don’t have to take honors classes but if you’re up to the challenge then I would suggest them.
All of the different sports at DC have different rivalries. The rivalries mainly consist of other Catholic schools. For example one of the Girls Varsity Soccer rivalries is with Ladywood High School. In guys sports Catholic Central is a huge rivalry. Mercy, Marian and Regina are all big girl rivalries also. In addition to Catholic Central, U of D and Brother Rice are big boy rivalries.
Now that you know a little bit about the school, I’m going to tell you my favorite parts. My favorite part about DC is the sense of community within the school. The whole school is like a big family. Everybody supports each other and helps each other out. Also at DC there is a large sense of school pride. The students are proud to call DC their school. When freshman Kayla Gandy was asked what her favorite part about DC was she said, “The great teachers and running track are my favorite part.” Everything about DC is great and I’m sure you’ll love it because I love it!  love DC and if I had a million dollars I would use it to help the school. I would first build a football stadium at the school with a track around it. The school would be able to use the facility for football, track and soccer. The field would be turf too. If I had money left over from the field I would build an indoor swimming pool. I would do this because one of the few sports the school doesn’t have is a swim team and with a pool they could have one. DC also has a great faith-filled community. The school helps guide its students in living a faithful life. In religion class you will learn all about the Bible and you will discover your favorite verse. My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse is my favorite because when I am struggling with something I just remember this verse and it gives me strength to keep going even when it gets tough. Another thing you will do as a freshman is pick a class saint. I suggest you pick St. Christopher as your saint. He was a martyr and the patron saint of strength. I suggest you choose him because when ever you need help you can pray to him and he will give you strength. If you have any questions about the school or anything at all feel free to comment!!
Catholic newspaper article on St. Christopher-
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Highschool here you come: Welcome Class of 2016