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Chris Stefanick Speaks to Students about Chastity

Julianne Bonk, Associate Editor

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On April 4 the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were given an unusual chastity speech(seniors were given a different speech). Chris Stefanick, from Denver, started his speech discussing his life. Chris is a father to five kids, with a sixth one on the way. The title of his speech was “No Imitations” meaning no imitations of love. Chris talked of “the God who is love.” along with interesting statistics. Unlike other speakers we have had, Mr. Stefanick dove right into topic. Others tend to shy away from the details, but he talked about how everything is the makers plan. Chris said, “It’s possible to do the right thing. Do what you gotta do to be the person you want to be.”

What made this speaker different from others, and actually what drew the students in, was his honesty about who he was in high school. We believed his stories, and we loved his humor. So if you were not able to watch this great speech, don’t worry. Here are some of the main points:
-Girls:raise the bar
-Guys:be the knight in shining armor.
-You aren’t a price tag:it’s up to you
-You can’t choose the consequences of your actions
-You are made for a love that is authentic
-You are worthy of love
This was a fantastic speech, and it showed. Students liked his approach and were interested in his speech. A big thanks to Chris Stefanick for a speech that made students really listen and think. You can read more on chastity by clicking on the following link to an article on it So falcons? What did you think of the speech? Leave a comment!
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Chris Stefanick Speaks to Students about Chastity