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Women’s NCAA Tournament: Respect It

Jackie White

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In sports a phrase often used is “you throw like a girl.” Why is it that women are given less respect then men in sports? This month is women’s history month and all anybody cares about is the Men’s NCAA Tournament. There is hardly any talk at all about the Women’s NCAA Tournament. The female athletes train just as hard as the men and they deserve respect. Why then do they not receive it? This is because of the mentality  that  men are better at sports then women. This is not always true, all over the world and here at Divine Child High School female athletes outshine the guys. Laura Nemes a freshman member of the girls cross country team said in an interview, “Women participating in sports show great power. They show us that they can be just as strong, fast, and overall athletic as men.” So next time someone is downing female athletes stick up for them and give them the respect they deserve. Follow the women’s tournament a comment who you thin is going to win it all!

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Women’s NCAA Tournament: Respect It