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Why Are Gas Prices So High?

Veronica York

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In the past couple of weeks, Americans have noticed a big increase in gas prices. Today, the average price in Michigan is about $3.86 per gallon. Why have the gas prices increased so dramatically? “They’re using the latest price hikes to convince us that we need more domestic drilling, and that stronger worker and environmental protections would drive prices even higher,” explains the Natural Resource Defense Council. Oil companies are putting profits for their businesses before Americans and some say that they only see prices increasing. The price for a gallon of gas is also set globally. It isn’t just set based on our country’s needs and how much oil we get from other countries. It’s also a matter of how much gas each country is using and how much gas is in reserves. If Canada sees a spike in their gas prices, we will probably also see one in the near future.

In an interview with Fox News, Mitt Romney said that President Obama is to blame for the high gas prices. Mitt Romney explains in an interview why the prices are like this and what he plans to do. “But we can affect whether we send billions of dollars out of our country to people who don’t like us very much, and we can determine whether energy resources we take advantage of here create jobs here, and we can determine whether we have an effect on the direction of those energy prices by having an abundant supply here.” He plans on being more aware of where our gas comes from and how it affects our economy if he gets elected. Even though our country isn’t the sole reason for why our gas prices are at a rise, there are still changes that can be made within our country to lower these high prices.

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Why Are Gas Prices So High?