Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better

Why is it that during women history month, more attention is not paid to women athletes? Some people, even women, feel that women sports are boring. In 2003, the New York Times wrote an article titled, “Ideas & Trends: Why Don’t Women Watch Women’s Sports?” An interview between the Newyork Times and a  for said,”I’m bored out of my skull at women’s basketball games,” said Stacey Pressman. She generally watches men’s sports. ”I prefer a few women’s events, like tennis, but I refuse to be politically correct about basketball,” she said. ”I’m sorry, but 40 minutes of underhanded layups is not entertaining.” The article brings up greater points that if women want to be acknowledged by males, first other women must watch them. Bob Halloran, writer, wrote an article titled, “It’s a guy thing…oink, oink.” If it isn’t clear, Halloran makes multiple statements that are offensive to women, and show men as the superior sex, who understands what women really think. Halloran says,”Men are better athletes. They’re bigger, faster, and stronger!” Halloran says he is going on defense of men, and I could easily defend women, but I won’t( I would win). Instead, I’ll ask all the women who read this, to start paying attention to women athletes. No more can be self pitying and say we can’t do something because we don’t want to break a nail, or get dirt on our hands, or even, the inveitable, mess up our hair. If we want to change the way men see us (slow,weak,and pathetic) then we need to think differently.  As for those who say women and men sports are boring, I say this: Do you enjoy watching ten travels per half? At least women know how to dribble. Click on the following link to read an article on the meaning of sports: Women athletes work hard to be where they are just like men. If  women recognize men in sports, then shouldn’t men recognize women? Women can do anything men can, if not better, then just as well. So falcons, what do you think? Why aren’t women appreciated during a month where they are supposed to? Because they are women is not answer. If men had a month, would they be recognized? Please, men expect that every month. =””>