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As families struggle more and more to get their children into great universities, there are some students that either do not want to be overwhelmed by the stress that colleges and universities offer or just don't want to pay. Some may even reject attending colleges in order to "pursue their education." Some may go to a university or college right after high school, and others may attend later on, or not attend at all.

According to the Potomac Patch, from 2001 to 2010, in Rockville, Maryland, about 70% of all students that attended a Montgomery County Public School went to a college/university within the year after high school.  From 2001-2003, about 68% of all the graduates from the public high schools earned a bachelor's degree.

According to USA Today, currently about 63% of all high school graduates in the United States actually attend a college. This was a huge improvement from the 52% of high school graduates that attend a college in 1970. Worrying about a huge amount of high school graduates in the United States not attending colleges/universities is no longer an issue.

Although many high school graduates have attended colleges/universities, there is still the 37% of students that do not attend one. They did not attend for a reason. That could mostly be because of debt.

Many students try to pay off their debts when they are in a college/university, but there are some who are not in one but are already in debt. According to the New York Times, there are more than 1 trillion dollars in student loans in the United States.

Although some may be crippled with debt, there are those who miraculously attend colleges by borrowing money in order to go to colleges. According to the New York Times, about two-thirds of people that have received a bachelor's degree have borrowed money in order to go to a college/university! About 62% of students in the United States graduate with debt.

In a private high school, it is expected that most of the students who graduate will go to colleges, since a lot of private high schools in the United States are "College Prep" Schools. In Divine Child High School, Dearborn, MI, about ----- of seniors plan on not attending a university/college.

It is a bit surprising that some children do not want to attend a college even though they had attended a "college prep" high school for about four years.

One Student, Josh Chiles said:


Many students in the U.S. do attend college, and the number is growing rapidly, but as the students try their best to make enough money to actually stay in college, they could be in debt.



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