Dreaming and Receiving (Continued)

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Ava Salmaci , Staff Writer

The Seven Universal Laws
All of these laws add up and go hand and hand with manifestation, as discussed in part one. The universe is deep and often difficult to understand. However, with the universal laws, you can allow yourself to coincide and communicate with the universe.

1. The law of Mentalism:
This tells us that everything roots from your mind. Although obvious, we need to cope with the understanding that your mind is powerful and you should never take that for granted but instead take advantage. Your mind coincides with the “ Universal Mind” which offers manifestation to those who take the “offer”.

2. The law of Correspondence:
Between the physical, mental, and spiritual realms we are all in harmony together. Everything is apart of the universe, despite the thought of you being only a small part, you’re what makes the universe the universe.

3. The law of Vibration:
From the science view, it tells us along with everything in the universe are creating vibrations at different frequencies. All of your thoughts and emotions are vibrations that spread throughout not only the universe, but your life.

4. The law of Polarity:
The main topic of this law is opposites. Basically, there are two sides to everything. For example, you can change from feeling hatred towards something to feeling love. This is through the law of polarity which allows you to make this change.

5. The law of Rhythm:
This law is extremely powerful in the aspect of it taking two things to achieve your goals. The essential idea is that everything flows and is made to correspond with each other. Your positive thoughts need rhythm to be successful.

6. The law of Cause and Effect:                                                                         Simply, every cause has an effect, or every action has a consequence whether that be positive or negative. You must study your mind and thoughts and know that nothing that is miraculous in your life happens by luck, everything is created by you.

7. The law of Gender
Everything besides humans have masculine and feminine qualities. One is not better than the other, they share qualities that correspond with one another. For example, love and affection is feminine and logic and energy is masculine. Not being sexist, however, these qualities are essential in the thought process and the manifestation process.

The Proof of the People

Chelsea Smith-
Chelsea is a motivational influencer on major platforms of social media one being Instagram. Smiths posts specialize in mindset transformation, motivation, spirituality, and self development.
First off, explain your passion/career
“ my career is/was a makeup artist working in tv and film for the past 10 years which has been so amazing to be given the opportunity to help people and meet people. However, my passion has always been for self development, spiritualism and anything fun and creative”.
What does law of attraction mean to you?
“The law of attraction is like gravity to me. It’s the truth, it’s the universal power of everything. Knowing that I have the power to create my own reality is empowering and has changed my life from ever feeling the victim to being able to be mindful in the moment and change my perspective of any situation, it’s taken me from being an, anxious, pessimistic person to feeling strong and positive.”
What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to those that are in the process of manifestation?
“The piece of advice I can give someone in the process of manifesting is just have FUN. Relax and realise that everything you want is already done, all that needs to happen is that you match the frequency of what you want. So enjoy everything you have now and be excited that it’s all happening. The universe will bring you what you want in the best way possible.”
Did you ever have any doubts about the law of attraction?
“ I think everyone using LOA has doubts when they first start. Doubts if it’s actually real or even working, how long it’s taking or if it’ll turn out good for them. These doubts are just your old beliefs that you can change. Start manifesting something small like a cup of coffee and show yourself that it does work”.

In a short summary, what is the highlight of your experience with the law of attraction?
“One of my highlights while using the attraction would be getting my dream job. I had a perfect interview and smashed it, the company hired someone else for the role. However, because they loved me so much they hated to see me leave without a position so they made me one. I was the youngest person they had hired ever and they’ve never made a new position for someone. This was all because I truly believed that I worked there. Before I did, I would buy clothes like I would if I worked there and visualized how it would feel to work there and it worked!”.

Chelsie Chiplin-
Chelsie is a perfect example of making your average life into something greater. It’s all about attitude and mindset. Showing how you can appreciate what you already have. You don’t necessarily have to change your physical life to receive manifestation, change your attitude. From a very young age she discovered the law of attraction and is still incorporating it into her life today. Chiplin positive mindset has proven to get her far. When asked about doubts on manifestation she responded “ not at all! Believe in it entirely!”. This is a way of thinking we should all use in our lives.
First off, explain your passion/career
“I am a massage therapist. I am passionate about helping people with their mindsets. This upcoming year I will be training to become a hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner this year.”
What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to those that are in the process of manifestation?
“Let go and surrender to the universe. It knows what you want and it’s up to you to just continue working on becoming the best possible version of you. It will conspire to help give you the life of your dreams.”
Did you ever have any doubts about the law of attraction? “ Not at all! Believe in it entirely!”
In a short summary, what is the highlight in your experience with the law of attraction?
“ I recommend that everyone give it a shot, study your mind, and study the 12 universal laws. Most importantly, have fun with it!”
How does the law of attraction affect you?
“It means the world to me. I have been using it my whole life. From a very young age, 15, is when I discovered the law.I didn’t really start diving into the teachings of it until these past 3 years.”

@eitejaqueline on Instagram is from Sydney, Australia. Jaqueline is not shy about her past as she is a great example of transforming her negative past into something positive. Her Instagram account is based off of the law of attraction and all around wellbeing. Jacqueline serves her purpose by creating positive posts to teach and better her followers lifestyles with messages about a good lifestyle.

Tell me about yourself.                                                                                       – “My name is jacqueline, the majority of my life I did observe unwanted things and let it influence my vibration in a negative way. I tried to compensate with a lot of physical action without seeing improvements”.
How long have you been using the law of attraction?
– “ The law of Attraction is inevitable, it’s a universal law. I’ve been manifesting everything
in my life even before I learned about it last year”.
What do you believe is the most important part of manifestation?
– “ to manifest anything we desire, we first have to understand it starts with vibration. We have to feel the manifestation before it is our physical experience. Any negative emotion is resistance and slowing the manifestation of our desires down, sometimes it’s easier to be less specific and just focus on anything that brings us hot and let the universe take care of the rest.”
How have you incorporated the law in your life?
– “ I have incorporated the law in my life by being more attentive to my own emotion.
Whenever I feel a negative emotion, I realize that I am not in alignment and use one of
the many techniques to get back into it. For example, meditation”. When did you realize the law was working?
– “In the beginning it was just a feeling of clarity about life. Soon after, I created a more joyous experience for myself and then the manifestations of my desires started working”.
What is the most amazing thing that the law has done for you?
– “ The most amazing thing about the law of attraction is knowing that we create our own
reality. It has made me more deliberate”.

All the way from Germany Amy documents her life to the world with positive posts. Although a small influencer, she truly reinvents her followers lifestyles. She teaches them the importance of mental health and to not underestimate the power of kindness. However, she focuses her message on the essential idea of rest rather then giving up, and to realize what you have in your darkest times. Currently training as a trainee is her second year, she works and goes to school. These tasks have caused her to feel positive and happy despite how stressful this time period should be.
Tell me about yourself
– “ I’m Amy. I’m 22 years old and I want to spread good vibes and positivity. Being my true self is also very important to me.
Where do you believe you’d be without manifestation?
– “ I would live a life where society would expect me to not see all of the amazing positive
things in my life”.
How has the law of attraction helped you in your worst times?
– “ The law has shown me that there’s a higher sense and that everything happens for a reason”.
Being such a positive person, how would you help transform negative thinkers?                                                                                                               – I would say focus on the good and think about what you can express gratitude for. We are often negative in the worst situations which can cause us to not shift our perception onto the good things in life. So always embrace your good feelings that are hiding inside. I recommend saying at least 3 things you grateful for each day. Even just being grateful for the simplest things such as clean water or the ability to walk. That’s a game changer.
What would you tell people who don’t understand the gift of manifestation?
– “ whether positive or negative, whatever you think of you will manifest your thoughts and
they will come in your life. You are constantly manifesting and if you manifest with fear,
there will not be a positive outcome”.
When did you realize the law was working? What’s has it done for you?
– “ I’ve manifested great meaningful friendships into my life and people who have resonated with me. These amazing entries into my life have caused me to be more then happy.




The world has everything to offer you as an individual. Don’t be shy to repeat the process and expand your possibilities. Never give up on this law especially when it has never given up on you. Be proud of yourself as you have just completed a milestone, whether that be large or small. Although the law had a major part in manifesting your dreams, so did you. Never forget how much you’re capable of. Remember that you are all you need to make your dreams possible, never let negativity stop you from the amazing blessing of manifestation.