Speaking Up and Getting Noticed

Jocelyn, The New Up and Comer

Amber Morgan, Associate Editor

Have you ever heard of Shawn Mendes, Gabrielle Aplin, Ben Howard, or Ed Sheeran? If so you may have hear of a new up and comer in the music industry, Jocelyn. The young singer-songwriter has been compared to these world renowned pop starts due to her catchy guitar work, driving bass, and righteous chorus. Jocelyn recently had the whole world looking at her when her original song, “Just Like Everyone Else” went viral. Using her brilliant natural talent as a way to connect with her listeners, Jocelyn did not drop the ball. With the whole world looking at her wondering will be her next step, the newly singed BMG recording artist realest her debut single “Speak Up”.

Growing up in Omaha Nebraska Jocelyn experienced bullying, and “Speak Up” is a song showcasing the struggle she faced, and how she worked to over come it. This uplifting track is all about positivity and being your best self. Jocelyn herself even stated that,

“Speak Up’ is about turning negativity into positive energy instead of letting the bullies drag you down… It’s about realizing that you are your own individual, so speak up and live by example.”

With the help of Denny White, her co-writer and producer “Speak up” is not only a great song, but it has turned into a great movement. With Jocelyn’s Jukebox contest she is helping young boys and girls all over the country to literally speak up against social injustices and bullying.

All of Jocelyn hard work is not going unnoticed, as she recently won the 13th annual, Best Pop Artist and Artist of the Year at the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards.

The 21-year old BMG singer-songwriter is expected to put her powerful voice to use, as she will continue to drop new throughout 2019.