Dreaming & Receiving

A life-changing technique that you can use to create your dream life.

Ava Salmaci, Staff Writer

Part One: The Law of Attraction

Imagine if you could manifest anything you wanted in the world and make it your own. Now this may seem too good to be true, and to the common person this concept would be nearly impossible. Despite the common misbelieve this concept is possible, thanks to The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is commonly defined as a belief that a person’s thoughts, positive or negative will bring positive or negative experiences into that person’s life. This law is an example of a new thought philosophy rooted in manifestation.

The core of this law is believing, for it to work you must believe that you have it right at this very moment. Not that you will have it in the future, but you have it now, in the present day. This is what makes this law special and unique, but at the same time this makes the law difficult to understand.

The main struggle that people have when comprehending this law is understanding that just the thought of yourself, can shape the outcomes of your life. However, you must fully believe, believing is essential in the secret. Just by having one doubt, it could turn your dream of manifestation off. In other words, you must understand how important your role is in fulfilling your dreams. You need to not only hope for a miracle, but you must expect a miracle.

A second concept people fail to understand, is just how powerful the universe really is. As humans we must understand that the energy and ideas we put out in the world, will come back to us. Whether that be negative or positive thoughts is completely up to you. However, you must take action and do thinks that will help you achieve your dream. Whether that be large or small changes, it is completely up to you. In some rare cases small things will come naturally, but The Law of Attraction will only work if you give it the tools necessary for success.

Contrary to popular belief, this philosophy isn’t based on your own personal beliefs. This law scientific explanation, this law is facts not fiction. Scientifically, electrons create positive and negative charges. These proven facts form the scientific bases for The Law of Attraction. The positive and negative charges that electrons give off are the same as our positive and negative thoughts we compose everyday. Your brain mirrors the images you would like to see and puts it into the universe.

Throughout history, we see some of the most remarkable people use this philosophy. Such as Emerson, Newton, and even Shakespeare. However, modern famous advocates of the law exist, such as Oprah Winfrey. Each person has their own separate successes while using this law but each out come is positive.

Some may argue that The Law of Attraction does not cope with many religious group, but what most people don’t know is that this law certainly works from a religious point of view. The law has existed in many faiths, for example Proverbs 23:7, states “A a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. This Proverb is working proof that shows Christian individuals that the law of attraction does exist and is even in The Bible. Some other prominent religious groups, such as Judaism and Islam also cooperate with The Law of Attraction.

Part Two: Breaking it Down

This law may seem complicated to some but in reality it is a simple five step process.

Step #1: Your Dream

Think about your dream it can be simple or extricate. By thinking about your dream you put an energy out into the universe, that you do not even realize. A small energy wave can enhance your goals and dreams. When thinking about your dream do not narrow it down, if you want it, dream. Weather it’s getting that job or getting that test grade, don’t shell yourself short. However, you should begin thinking about one thing at a time to fully comprehend your thoughts in order to set the dream out to the universe with your full attention. Step one is arguably the most important step in the law of attraction as it sets your future up and it expands your possibilities.

Step #2: Approving Your Feelings

When setting your dream use your five senses to fully imagine it, specifically use your sense of feeling. Ask yourself how does this make you feel? This is called approving your feelings. The reason for this is to insure that you don’t feel pressured but instead you feel motivated, as 40 million Americans suffer with anxiety every year.

Take in the dream and acknowledge it for what it is. When you start to do this you’ll notice that your desires become much more clearer. As stated prior, negative thoughts can get in the way of manifesting your goals, however, with the acceptance of your capability, your dreams will be active.

Step #3: Focus on the Positive

Step 3 has to do with gratitude, by acknowledging what is great in your life it will make the worse things in your life better and it may even erase them as a whole. Expressing gratitude is key when setting yourself up for bigger and better things. Take great accomplishments that have occurred in your life and trace back how you felt or the steps you did in order to get there. Those steps go hand and hand with the law of attraction and they can make your manifestation stronger. It’s great to rekindle from your positive past.

Step #4: Thinking About Your Desires

This step is more of a mind exercise. No matter how many doubts you may have, you must let them go for this to be effective. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight go out and buy an outfit that would fit your ideal size. Just by simply putting that out in the world it has the effect to make a huge difference. This step aligns your desires, by imagining what you want it gives you a sense of how you’ll feel once you accomplish your goal.

When practicing this exercise you may feel like it’s doing nothing. However it is solidifying your beliefs and reinforces the visualization you worked on in the first step.

Step #5: The Two P’s

Performance and patience are two of the most essential parts of this law.

You must perform towards the goal. Once you’ve taken your dream and put it out into the universe you must put effort into it, big or small, it will come true eventually.

Also you must be patient. This step is a struggle, especially for those who are hesitate about the law of attraction. Along with patience comes a positive mind, by being patience you are challenging your mind to think about positive.

Part Three: Living Proof- Sharif:


An 18 year old rapper from Dearborn Heights, Michigan known as Sharif is already meeting the public eye. His passion and dedication at such a young age proves to impress the public not just in Metro-Detroit area but all over the world. Ahmed Sharif, is of Yemeni and Palestinian descent and has grown up as an average kid who didn’t necessarily know what he wanted to do with his life. The Crestwood Senior’s fascination with music began at in sophomore year and has only grown stronger since. Part of his success was granted through the law of attraction. The process to get to where his now was hard work that subsided the manifestation he wanted to receive.

First off, how did you first find a fascination in music?
“My fascination with music has always been there. Ever since I was little I grew up with music all around my house. But sophomore year is when I knew I wanted to do pursue it.”

When did you know that music was more than a hobby but a passion?
“After I dropped my single “Do Me”, I realized from the attention that I was getting that I can do this with my life.”

What does the law of attraction/the secret mean to you?
“It means a lot. The way you think is everything, you think positive you get positive and vice versa. You attract what you think about always.”

What do you believe is essential to manifests your dreams?
“You have to believe in yourself or no one else will believe in you. That’s essential.”

What would you say to people who don’t understand the gift of manifestation?
“All i would say is educate yourself and understand it, learn it, and watch. the movie or read the book. Anyone who has a dream needs to think about it, it changes everything“

Did you ever have any doubts?
“Not at all. Which I know is rare, but when you truly know passion you. don’t have any doubts.”

In a short summary, what is the highlight in your experience with the law of attraction?
“The highlight of my experience with the law of attraction put simply is without the law of attraction I wouldn’t be who I am today. It changed my life.”

Ahmed Sharif tremendous successes is living proof of The Law of Attraction. Sharif’s success will only grow as time passes, as the young artist first album is expected to be debuting this year.