Worst to Best Christmas Songs of All Time

By: Student Emma Herman

By: Student Emma Herman

Emma Baran, Editor in Chief

The Christmas season is approaching, and the students at Divine Child only have one thing in mind (besides midterms): Christmas music! What better way to add to the cheer and festivities than to listen to the worst and best Christmas music? Below is a list compiled by the DC Faith in Action staff of the worst and best Christmas songs of all time.


The Worst: #8 “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

By: Harmonie Baber

The song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was originally sang by Dean Martin, and written in 1944. This song sends some concerning  messages that a lot of people don’t recognize. Yes, it sounds very joyful and romantic, but that is not the case at all. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is basically a conversation between a man and a woman, that takes a drastic and sharp turn. The man is telling her to stay, but the woman wants to go and he is doing everything in his power to make sure she does not leave. At one point in the song, he offers her another drink and she takes it. After she receives the drink, she asks what’s in the drink, which suggests that it has been tampered. After, he continues to undress her clothing, beginning with her hat. Then he asks if he can lean in closer without her consent. This man is performing sexual harassment during this whole song.


#7 “Carol of the Bells”

By: Emily Paluk

 “Carol of the Bells” is a classic that is heard throughout the Christmas season on constant repeat. The Trans Siberian Orchestra’s version can either be seen as the annoying song that makes people groan and change the radio station, or a song people get excited about and associate with the holiday season. Everyone knows the tune, and it is a song people can find themselves humming along to. I have a feeling a lot of people don’t know that there are actually words to this song, because the Trans Siberian Orchestra has made this song so popular without any words whatsoever.

#6 “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

By: Mariyshaa Mahimai

Do you know one of the oldest Christmas songs? It’s called “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” This song has been around for years and years, and yet it is one of the most classic songs out there. The song’s lyrics appeal to children who believe in Santa. It basically says Santa is watching you, and you better not be on the naughty list. One of the lyrics says “you better watch out and you better not cry.” This line explains you have to be careful and don’t something crazy cause you will be on the naughty list. So watch out!


#5 “Christmas in Hollis”

By: Cate Charron

This song is a different spin to the traditional Christmas soundtrack. “Christmas in Hollis” by RUN-DMC provides an old-school rap vibe to a fun Christmas story. Popularized by being in the opening credits of Die Hard, the song is a common tune in advertisements in commercials and in stores while Christmas shopping. The song has an entertaining plot, with one of the members of the group approaching a man in the park who ended up being Santa Claus. There are humorous lines spread throughout such as “looked at his dog, oh my god, an ill reindeer”. There are also common references to popular culture, including, “cold hundreds of g’s. Enough to buy a boat and matching car with ease”. The song is definitely worth a listen to witness a different Christmas vibe.


#4 “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

By: Brooke MacDonald

This is one of the most iconic Christmas songs since it came out in 1994 by Mariah Carey, and has been dominating the charts ever since its release. It is a classic Christmas song about all that Mariah wants for Christmas is a boy. Carey literally says she won’t put up her stocking, stay up to hear the reindeer bells, or write a letter to Santa. In the song, Carey states, “… I won’t even wish for snow.” We get it Mariah, you basically have no christmas cheer and all you want is this boy. Although this song on the surface has no Christmas cheer, it gets to the root of what Carey really wants for christmas to make her joyful, which is what christmas encourages.


#3 “Do They Know It’s Christmas”

By: Katie Williams  

The song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” is an all-time classic Christmas song, which actually had some form of meaning behind it, unlike the majority of popular Christmas songs. Although it’s original writing was for awareness for the famine in Ethiopia, the song’s message has been carried throughout the years. It’s an upbeat tune with a serious underlying message, which reminds us of those less fortunate during the holidays. This major bop gives off good vibes, without being a mind-numbing song that  lacks any purpose or meaning behind it.

#2 “Blue Christmas”

By: Alissa Walkuski

This melodic tune of Elvis is one of the best Christmas classics. This slow tune describes Elvis having a “blue” Christmas without his love. Elvis states that his Christmas will be sad and lonely without his significant other. Throughout the son, he is begging her to come home and celebrate Christmas with him.  He says the decorations won’t be the same without her, because he is broken hearted and this is the first Christmas without her. He also says that she’ll be alright on her white Christmas, while he is having a blue Christmas. This song is a lament of the loss and heartbreak of his love, and more than any other Christmas tune.


The Best: #1 “That’s Christmas To Me”

By: Colin Murtagh

While many people love the Catholic classics such as “Silent Night” and “Carol of The Bells”, or the storytelling smash hits like “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer” or “You’re a Mean One Mister Grinch”, these have been overplayed, countless times throughout the years. Bing Crosby and Whitney Houston have become predictable and even new faces such as Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé have begun to overstay their welcome. The new face of Christmas is the 5 person acapella group, Pentatonix. Releasing many Christmas albums in the past few years, this power pop group has been busy covering every Christmas song you’ve grown more tired of after every Christmas. Their greatest Christmas gem however, comes in the form of their 2014 original creation, “That’s Christmas to Me.” This song gives a modern take on the formulaic Christmas song narrative while not trying to be completely secular as many would like to make Christmas. Harboring many verses and an extremely catchy chorus with beautiful harmonies throughout, it’s the perfect song to sing along to in the car or play in the background on your Christmas morning.