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Alissa M. Walkuski

Alissa Walkuski, Staff Writer

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The bell rings every day in New York. For the reason that people making money or losing money. Here at Divine Child High School, we offer a class called Life Management. Currently, the students were given the task to choose four companies to invest in.

Students were broken up into groups/teams of four, they had to collectively decide of the four companies. I spoke with a student by the name of Patrick Burke who is with the group PBLS, which stands for Patrick Burke Lawn Solutions. I asked him, “Why did you invest in the companies that you did,” he replied, “My group invested in Tesla, Disney, Amazon, and Delta. You should not ever put all your eggs into one basket. Which is why I believed it would be in our best interest that the investments were across four industries.” We have students investing in Tesla, which the company has had outstanding numbers this past year. Currently, as of November 8th, Tesla stock prices are at 351.02, increasing by 2.87, which means anyone that has shares in Tesla motors got 82% of today’s stock. That’s the good side of the stock market. Some companies have a “down day” which means the company isn’t doing well. Currently, that’s one of the chosen companies. Amazon had a “down day” on November 8th, is at 1,753.98 with decreasing by 3.00, shareholders only gaining 17%. So, if these students were truly invested some of them would have lost money. Some would have gained money.

This is what society is like today, people play the stock market. To make easy money, but it comes with many risks. Companies can have “down days” and some can have good days. With the stock market, you put your eggs in one basket. And hope that your company does well so you can gain a percentage of the companies’ earnings. The stocks are tough because do you go across different franchises or do I choose stocks in one industry?

One industry choice can be a slippery slope, we saw in 2000 the “dot-com crash”. Which would be sad for anyone that had investments in that industry because everyone lost money.

From 2000-2002 we had the “dot-com crash”, not even five years later. The New York Stock Exchange had a financial crisis which made all the companies go on a decline with the financial statistics. Which as it’s looking right now we won’t have another crash until around 2022. Only due to the way society is evolving because of new technological advancements as well as the automotive industry starting to have electric and self-driving cars.

Stocks come with many risks, but many benefits in the long run. In the long run, you have money for retirement or to even put a down payment on your house. Risks with the stocks-you can go down or up. You put your money into a company, that you hope will never have a bad day. This how we are getting millionaires in society today. People invested at right times when the stock market is on the lower end or crashing is prime time to invest. Because all the companies can do from there is go up in the stock market. After a crash, companies are hitting rock bottom so companies can only gain. Unless if the company is truly doing terrible than that company declines. For the most part, a company should increase after a crash and drastically.

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