What’s The Deal With College Football Rankings?

Ryan Tople, Staff Writer

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It’s 2nd down and 26 as freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throws a perfect pass to freshman wide receiver Devonta Smith to win the 2018 National Championship against the Georgia Bulldogs. With Alabama being defending national champions, you would think they come into the 2018-2019 season ranked #1. You would also think that Alabama would have a tough playing schedule in order to prove that they should stay #1.

Each team will play 12 games during this football season. Alabama only plays three ranked teams this year, which is not exactly a tough schedule if you ask me. The reason why Alabama would be ranked so high each season is because they play easy teams to beat, so they can get ranked higher and get a chance to get to play for national championship.

No one is really sure how the ranking system works for college football. It could be by playing higher ranked teams and beating them which allows you to move up, or it can be by moving up in the rankings by beating opponents who aren’t even ranked.

When looking at the Alabama schedule, it seems like they won’t be tested until November 3rd when they play ranked #11 LSU, altough LSU could drop in standings by then.

After that week, the crimson tide will face ranked #18 Mississippi State, and the toughest opponent they’ll play is ranked #7 Auburn. One concern about the Alabama schedule is they play teams that  most people have never heard of. In their 5th game, Alabama will play a team named LA- Lafayette. Then in week 11, they will play Citadel. None of these two teams are ranked or have been ranked for a time.

Another reason why these power house teams play lower ranked teams within the first few weeks of the season is to give them team confidence, and to get more people on board with the team, such as boosters and fans. With being a big time school, you have many people or companies who are interested in your school.

Nike and Alabama used to have contacts with each other, but when Nike just recently signed a deal with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, Alabama thought it would look better if they left Nike.

Kaepernick is known for starting the protest of taking a knee during the National Anthem. This created many problems in the NFL, and all over the world with other people and other sports players from different teams. This also created problems with the front offices for many teams with players wanting more money, or being treated differently. This would also have an impacted on team chemistry.

The tide keeps rolling, and Alabama football is now 2-0 on their season, with beating opponents Louisville by a score of 51 to 14, and beating Arkansas state 57 to 7. The tide’s next opponent will be against Mississippi State.

The al.com said the following about Alabama football, “the two wins were expected, so we went a little deeper into what went right and a few things that could be fixed”. They also talk about how Alabama is going up a terrible defense, Ole Miss enters Saturday with the 96th worst 3rd-down defense allowing conversions on 41.7 percent of the attempts”. Being such a big school like Alabama, they go big or they go home, In those third-down passes, Alabama needed an average of 9.3 yards for the first down. The completions averaged 20.7 yards”.

With the tide rolling in Alabama, many people are interested to see how the team is doing with the many stats about the team that have come out. According to 247sports.com, “Alabama is averaging 54 points per game (10th nationally) and 554 yards per game (19th nationally) through two games. The Crimson Tide have scored 15 touchdowns (eighth nationally) and are averaging 309 passing yards per game (27th nationally)”.

Alabama is killing it in and out of college. Alabama football is the best team in the country, which means many scouts come and watch them play or watch film of their players for the NFL teams. During the opening weekend of the NFL’s 2018 season, Alabama had more alumni on the active rosters of the league’s 32 teams than any other college.

According to a map, “Mobile County is 51.3 percent Alabama fans”. Alabama has many followers on social media; they have 597K followers on Instagram and 847.8K followers on twitter. The real question is with Alabama football is. Do they play an easy schedule on purpose or do they pay teams to play them so they look good? All of this will have to be answered by a coach of some sort of football team.

Sometime while watching a sports game, (for example: it’s not even close or it’s an awful game to watch) you may think to your self, how are these two teams playing each other? Well, that’s because either they play them because they’re are in the same division or conference, or it’s because some teams may pay other teams to come play them, whether it be for publicity to get the team hyped up or just for another win for the season. Every team is guilty of it. It doesn’t matter what sport or what team. Every team either pays a worse team to play them or they just don’t pay them and sell their team as really bad so the other team thinks they have a shot.

I was talking to a high school football coach and asked him a few questions on his take of college football and I got some very interesting answers.

I asked him what his thoughts on college football was and he replied with, “it’s meaningful”. Then, I asked should college athletes get paid and he said, “ they should get paid, the university’s and their sponsors profit off of the students, and make millions of dollars, and the athletes won’t do as many bad things if they has their own money, because right now they have to accept money from people and trade in things”. I also asked him a very big question in today’s world, which is if do he thinks some colleges are overrated, such as their sports teams. His response was, “no, college football teams are not overrated, they are just very good and have a lot of talent, and if they keep winning more kids will come”. He also used a quote from the movie ‘Field of Dreams’, “if you build it they will come.”

He said it also relates to high school, “if you have a good high school program and a lot of talent, more kids will want to go here, that’s why you see so many transfers now, cause they wanna play for a good sports team.” all of this was said by Divine Child’s football coach, Chris Ploucha.

Then I decided to dig a little deeper and got more sources, and this one came from a former division one basketball player for the University of Michigan, Ben Cronin. I asked him if he thinks teams pay other teams to play against them, and he said, “100% sure. Teams will make contracts with other teams and they could possible be up to $1,000,000.” Then I asked if he has ever had an experience with this, and he replied with, “when I was working as a athletic director at a Detroit public school, some catholic school payed us $1,000 to play them in football.”

With all this information, I truly wonder if college football is even real, or if it’s just all made up so we can have the same four teams every year go compete for a national title.

During the months of September and October, Friday nights have become the biggest nights for high school, whether it’s a home or away game kids will travel to. I had the privilege to interview Zsenior Divine Child football player Garrett Vincent, who starts at cornerback for the falcons.

The Falcons are in division 3, which is for the weaker teams, but not too weak. I asked him a few questions about his football team and their status. We are in division 3 because we are a smaller school and don’t have as many kids and the division 1 and 2 schools do.

The Falcons have had 2 blow out games this year, by losing the season opener to Harper woods 46-7 and then also losing to Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s 42-14, a division 1 team.  

So the questions remains; did Harper Woods and St. Mary’s plan those games on purpose or did they not know the game would be a blowout? Or did they do it for the boaster club and parents to think to themselves that they sent their kids to a good school. It also has an effect on kids who are in 7th and 8th grade, so they look good online and make parents want to send thei kids to that school.

We have the same question with college football as high school. Do teams schedule games against other teams on purpose so just get another win on the record and get people excited about the program?

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