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Starting with the article called “Who is the cause of society’s polarization? All of us,” the main message of the key to being “middle class holy” is polarization. This Jesuit article says, “Together, we are the causes of polarization. Unless we are willing to admit that, then the situation will only get worse.” The Catholics in this community are the key to polarization. This could relate back to Pope Francis’s Gaudete Exsultate, when he mentions that Catholics cannot be saved alone. “What polarization requires is two people or two groups of people who disagree, each of whom believes that the other is entirely at fault and is politically, philosophically and perhaps even morally irredeemable. This is the fault line of our contemporary politics, the result of our choices.” Second, from the article called, “James Carroll: Story of the church and the West could have gone another way,” it mentions modesty, blindness, and abuse within the Catholic Church. The Cloister is a book by James Carroll that uses fiction to show the problems of the church. Middle class holy can be demonstrated in this situation by the modesty shown. After all everyone is human, and the path to holiness would be being modest. Third, the article titled “Hanna Chrzanowska’s ‘Blessed’ Witness to Charity,” I shows how “middle class holy” is shown by living like a saint. The author tells a story about Hanna Chrzanowska, a Polish nurse who will be beatified April 28. This article conveys that if everyone considered “middle class holy” picked a patron saint and tried to live like them, the world would be a much better place. “Chrzanowska responded to all with love, even in the most difficult cases,” and this shows how the middle class holy can live. The fourth is a letter on the DACA program from the U.S. Act. The main point of this article is obedience and compassion for Dreamers. It recognizes Dreamers as members of the community and that Catholic Bishops support them. This is middle class holy because it shows everyone is part of the community and is holy. The next one is,“Pittsburgh diocese to reduce 188 parishes to 57.” In order to be a good Catholic in the first place, you need to attend mass every Sunday. If the number of churches reduces tremendously, how will the “middle class holy” attend mass. The main point of this article from Crux is that the middle class holy should attend church and the cutting down of churches in the area would limit that. The sixth article would be “Peacebuilding deserves attention of the international community.” This article from Vatican News says that being a Peacemaker is a huge part of being part of middle class holy. Jesus sets an example, for example teaching not to fight back but to turn the other cheek. That’s only one step to peacemaking, though. Being a peacemaker involves not instigating and also breaking up the evil in the world. The middle class holy is perfectly capable of being some sort of peacemakers. Next, there is an article on restorative justice. Called “Restorative justice seen as a critical piece of criminal justice reform”, it talks about how middle class holy is the right way to deal with criminal justice. The eighth article called “Third Mexican priest killed within a week” mentions the third Mexican priest killed within a week. This has to do more with Holy Orders, and also not to murder. Middle class holy shouldn’t murder at all, especially a priest. This short article from Catholic Herald just talks about the Mexicans priests that were killed. The last ingredient/article is from First Things called “A Letter to an Inspiring Intellectual.” This wraps up being middle class holy, mentioning all of the things it takes to be a “middle class holy” Catholic.

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