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In the article “Who is the Cause of Society’s Polarization? All of Us.” by Matt Malone SJ, he suggest that people are the reason for harsh divisions and being on one side or the other. He writes, “Yet in contemporary politics, the question is not “What is the cause of polarization?” The question is “Who is the cause of polarization?” And the answer is: You are. You are the cause of polarization. And I am. Together, we are the causes of polarization. Unless we are willing to admit that, then the situation will only get worse.” Suggesting in a cynical way that people are the root cause for all the bad. He over generalizes that all people are bad are there is not a “middle class Holy” and that you either are or are not holy. In Alexandra Greenwald’s interview “James Carroll: ‘Story of the church and the West could have gone another way’”, she writes about James Carroll’s book “The Cloister”. Carroll says, “The romance between Abelard and Heloise is the least of their story. He was the greatest teacher in Christendom, with pupils coming to him in Paris from all over Europe. As the abbess of a prominent monastery, she was the most influential churchwoman of the age. From their youthful love affair forward, they kept faith with each other, and their letters made their love immortal.” Carroll addresses that in many other works of literature the focus is on their relationship instead of their relationships with the Church and responds with how influential they were in the Church. He focuses in on their impact to the Church and displays their Holiness. Filip Mazurczak’s article, “Hanna Chrzanowska’s ‘Blessed’ Witness to Charity”, discuss how Chrzanowska modeled her life to act as a saint. She dedicated her life to helping others around her. She did not embody the definition of “middle class Holy” because, “After the invasion of Poland, Archbishop Adam Stefan Sapieha of Krakow formed the Civic Committee for Social Aid. Undeterred by her family’s losses, Hanna became an active member, according to the World Federation of the Catholic Medical Associations, helping to organize hiding places for Jewish orphans fleeing the Krakow Ghetto and secure new homes for Polish refugees coming from Warsaw after the city’s nearly complete destruction in 1944. After the war, Chrzanowska went to New York on a one- year stipend to study nursing. Upon returning, she published books and articles on family nursing and taught in nursing schools. She also started to organize annual retreats for health care professionals to the Marian Shrine of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa, much to the chagrin of Poland’s postwar communist government.” Chrzanowska exemplifies that being saintly can be wonderful, but not everyone can act as a saint or accept help from saintly individuals. Committee on Migration wrote, “While a larger solution is still needed to fix our broken immigration system, we urge Congress to first focus on passing H.R. 4796, as written, or similar bipartisan and narrowly-tailored legislation. Any legislation passed should provide Dreamers with a path to citizenship, not undermine our family-based immigration system or terminate existing protections for vulnerable migrants, and ensure that border security measures are just, proportionate, and humane.” The written document could be considered middle class Holy because it is a written letter about concerns and suggestions, but do not actively make changes. Being middle class Holy is just doing the bare minimum and in most of these articles the people do only the requirements but few go above and beyond to be extraordinary.

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