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Effects of Trump’s National Security Plan on Military Branches

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What are the Goals of Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy?

“Democrats are holding our Military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration. Can’t let that happen!” This being a tweet from Donald Trump himself sparks an interest in the United States on what his plans are in the near future as commander in chief. The previous presidential National Security Strategies had a theme of making known to the public the interests of America, how we plan to protect and how to make it cost effective. Now if you thought Donald Trump’s followed that same trend then you need to go back and reread. The only trend that his National Security Strategy had was the ”Make America Great Again” Campaign strategy. The remained unanswered question is why do Trump’s twitter fingers keep contradicting what he has previously stated in his National Security Strategy. It is like day in night when Trump states in his Security Strategy that he wants to expand the dominance of America and exert our strength then goes on to talk about the weakness of. the United States and how we need to rebuild. He often will piggyback off the idea of his plan to rebuild and counter it with the idea of America not being up to speed with nowadays economic and military tools/ideas. Which is it, is America at the peak of its economic strength and military power? Or is America outdated and not up to today’s times?

Could These Military Changes Ultimately weaken the Strength of Our U.S Armed Forces?

The answer is No, with previous press releases such as the Bloomberg report and trump’s official National Security Strategy it has been deemed very unlikely the military will weaken in any way. With the plan of expanding the power of the United States and putting on display its growth in military expansion it is safe to say the trump organization will be doing everything in its power to assure the armed forces do nothing but grow and acquire more strength and knowledge. As seen on page 28 of the National Security Strategy. the president implies that he wants a more modern army. That of being compiled with weapons and artillery that are no match for the enemy forces. Under the heading “Capacity” in the section “Military” trump makes a key point that in order to have a strong military, size matters. The idea is made clear that with modernization numbers will grow within the United States armed forces. Strength comes in numbers! This statement may not be entirely true, only so many troops can be deployed into enemy territory. With Trump’s plan of military growth within numbers has a backside, in USA today’s. newest release is shows that the United States cannot afford to send more troops to the middle east. This leaves trump’s Idea of strength in numbers in pieces, it does not matter how many more troops become employed we cannot send any more into action overseas.

How will trump’s national security plan affect the military branches of the United States?

“Preserve peace through strength and advance American influence,” these being the words of Donald Trump on page fourteen of his 2017 National Security Strategy Plan. What does this mean? It means more bulk and more fire power. This stance lets it clearly be known that the prosperity and dominance of the United States will come first. Now how does this affect the various branches of the United States armed forces? Through the plan of adding more firepower and bulk to the Armed Forces the question to be asked is, where will the funding come from? Will troops pay be cut? The Military Times states that the Trump Administration plans to add “about $55 to $60 billion extra per year over four years for the meat and potatoes of a military buildup.” With his plan to advance the american influence outside of the United States still remains in question with that of whether he plans to deploy more troops or cut the pay of current active members. But what will happen to troops if we see a pay cut to make the budget of the government a possibility? That’s right a decrease, if the requested pay of troops is not met we will see a drop in active military forces and a lack future military members.

Will trump’s plans to pursue his “America First” doctrine put deployed members of the armed forces at risk?

Will Trump’s plans to put America first hurt our armed forces that are stationed outside of the United States? This remains to not be a topic of interest seen in any of the recent press releases. The answer is No, as stated in his 2017 national security plan Trump still plans on to rely very heavy on our nations allies. Even through the push to put the United States first seems not only selfish but not in line with past policies, the plan of the president and current active duty members are to keep our ally foreign relations strong. How does the topic of still interacting with fellow allies and continuing to have their support have to do with our troops safety? The United States armed forces interact with 39 other countries, losing the help and support of these countries would put many service men and women at risk. So as long as we keep our ally nations happy where our current troops are deployed the safety of these troops will remain in best interest. That is the ideas anyways…

Trump’s actions towards pursuing threats to their source

I had the pleasure of sitting down with now 14 year Naval retiree Lieutenant Commander Mark Durocher on what it really means to take threats and pursue them to the core. He informed me on how important the Navy’s influence is in the safety of the United States because of its foreign affairs and joint operations with other task forces around the globe. “Why is this a key factor in fighting against U.S Enemies?” i asked. He simply stated that “ In all places i have been and problems that have been brought to our attention over half have been alerted through foreign task force operation teams.” I went on to ask what it meant to attack a problem at its source, he told me that it’s a strategy of not fighting the daily interactions and not bothering with trying eliminate problems coming from a threat one by one. But rather destroying the threat that is taking place at the core and working from the middle out and not outside in. “Destroying the source of the threat and watching it self destruct as a unit” is the source of imagery he used. Mark made it clear that this will be a much more efficient and less bloody tactic.

Plans In Action

In the second half of our interview he directed me towards the idea of a strong home military based inside the United States. Lieutenant Durocher spoke to this idea saying “it is a great idea as long as we dont start fighting our battles on home turf.” I quickly asked why, he went on to say it is a great idea to strengthen the home military but once battles start being fought at home it immediately puts civilians at risk. As we went in depth he highlighted the point that most battles are fought outside the U.S for a reason, the reason being keeping United States casualties to a bare minimum. To wrap up our interview i shot a question asking about his thoughts of furthering the science in nuclear warfare. He was quick to shoot it down, saying “Once nuclear war is made we are calling for a whole separate type of battle.” This basically means we are entering a war that can’t be finished. There will always be advancement in the science of nuclear artillery, this meaning once the nest best nuclear advancement is made there will be a bigger and better one to shortly follow.

Even though many parts of Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy has been put into question it still remains a solid plan in the best interest for the United States. All through his plan he is still putting America first with the goal of staying out of harm’s way. The downfall of this plan is even though the U.S has a great plan to enhance the military and grow economically it still remains a question how his budget increase will be funded. Or will the United States be forced further in debt to support his military expansion? The United States cannot afford to send more troops over to the middle east, putting the idea of expanding the military in numbers to a screeching halt. We shall see if Trump’s plans can be put to action within budget and not put the men and women of the United States in Danger.

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Effects of Trump’s National Security Plan on Military Branches