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Samsung Halts Note 7: Letter to the Editor

Madelinne Strasser, Staff Writer

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To begin, The Samsung Note 7 has many peaks and valleys to its new phone. Yes, the new Note 7 is a major hazard to anyone who buys it. From Samsung recalling many Note 7s because of battery life in the first place, to the phone itself smoking and sparking. This phone doesn’t seem to involve any spectacular qualities, so far. Though, The Note 7 consisted of a fingerprint password, and many power-saving features. Also, it included an S pen, which many customers seemed to find rather fashionable and clever. The phone is supposed to be a replacement, that is correct, and the fact that this phone smokes, as the replacement? That disqualifies the fluffy characteristics.

Samsung has halted the manufacturing for the new Note 7. The article I am analyzing does hit many points, but misses the whole battery itself, and who made the battery. Basically, the main peril . Samsung did make the battery, but there has to be a person behind the curtain. The Huffington Post states, “Samsung makes smartphone battery cells in Cheonan, South Korea and Tianjin, China, but packages them in the company’s Vietnam factory…” That being said, manufacturers create(d) the cells while under administration of Samsung in other areas of the world.

In specifics, a Japanese company called TDK creates the batteries for Samsung. Not only do they supply Samsung, but other phone companies also. As stated in an article by Leo Lewis and Kana Inagaki, “… scrap the Note 7 may strip TDK of a massive potential rise in demand, it also appears to remove the potential taint that batteries were the central culprit in the crisis.” With that in mind, this recall could cripple Samsung in whole, along with the TDK. They may lose customers and may reduce the sales for both businesses.

Going on, the cell phone is a hazard, yes, we already clarified that. The phone smoking has not only been noted for one incident, but various incidents of the battery malfunctioning. In a recent article written by Jennifer Smith and Mark Prigg for Daily Mail, they state “A woman was filmed holding a replacement for her Samsung phone as it emitted plumes of smoke after the company recalled her Galaxy Note 7 because others had reported the model catching fire.” This phone is such a peril that I, myself, am estatic that they recalled it before it seriously injured someone.

The Samsung 7 did have some highlights, though. Even though it has stopped being manufactured, it did have some very neat features. But, could have these new features be the true cause? In a column by Brian X. Chen and Choe Sang-Hun from The New York Times, they affirm, “The Note 7 had more features and was more complex than any other phone manufactured. In a race to surpass iPhone, Samsung seems to have packed it with so much innovation it became uncontrollable,” they state from an interview with Mr. Park, the CEO and regional president of Samsung.

Will we ever see a new and improved Samsung Note 7? Will this new cellular device help Samsung, or create a worse rep for it? Samsung may make a comeback, and hopefully it will aid the company. The phone company does have magnificent ideas, but with some chipping away and more elbow grease, they may beat out their competition. You got this, Samsung.

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Samsung Halts Note 7: Letter to the Editor