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The Fashion in Fashion Week

Isabella Lopez, Staff Writer

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Fashion Week is one of the most glamorous and stylish weeks of the year. In case you didn’t know, Fashion Week is a week in Feburary and September held for designers to show off their newest collection and to show off to buyers also. The latest Fashion Week is held in New York, which spans from September 7th to the 16th. There are a total of 91 designers, including Sherri Hill, Christian Siriano, and Vera Wang.

When you do watch Fashion Week, you notice that some of the clothing is rather ourtageous. For example, Vera Wang is a popular and famous brand, from selling clothes at Kohl’s to walking the runway with her outfits. But, when the models came down the runway for this Fashion Week, you can notice that the clothes are kind of odd. The clothing is very boxy, brown and black colors with very gothic looking shoes. So how could buyers want this and how could Vera Wang make money off of these clothes? TIME states their opinion on this saying, “Runway designs are a form of wearable artwork; the emphasis is on beauty and innovation, not functionality.” The designers aren’t looking for people to wear this everyday to work or school, they are designing these clothes to show off their creativity and originality.

Another possible explaination of why the fashion in Fashion Week is so outrageous is because it might be taking the same idea of the ‘concept cars’ in the Auto Show, like the Ford GT. In the Auto Show, there are pretty futureristic cars that are really out there. But buyers look at those cars and take parts of it to make a normal looking car. Buyers might look at the fashion in Fashion Week and like the material or the lines or the cut of a shirt or dress and use that for inspiration for normal looking clothes. For example, the Art Institute fashion line displayed a jumpsuit that was different shades of blue. For the straps, it had buckles on it. No one would want to wear that in public, but buyers might look at it and like the cut of the jumpsuit and turn it into something more wearable.

Another feature in Fashion Week is the look of the models. In the Fashion Week shows, the models look drastically different than what you might think of a model. The models are based off what the designers want them to look like. Their hair looks very plain-like your hair after school or work-and they have little to no makeup on. They strut onto the runway with no smile, just a blank stare. The reason why the models have to do this is because if they look all fancy, it takes away from the fashion designer’s outfit and creativity. An example of this is the designers, the Brand of Outsiders. When you watch the models, they don’t have a smile, they have very plain and simple faces, and their hair is nothing fancy. But because of this, it enables you to focus on the outfits, not the person. For some, it might make it boring or less enjoyable, but actually, the designers are smart for doing this.

New York Fashion Week is a very fun and eventful week for designers, buyers, and fashion addicts. It’s full of couture and style. Fashion Week is watched by thousands of people and thousands of people attend fashion week, including buyers. It’s a very important week for them, because they need to know what trends are developing and what to buy and what to design. But for others, Fashion Week is just a very fashionable week for them to enjoy the new and outrageous fashion.

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The Fashion in Fashion Week