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How to solicit: Two new bills regarding the homeless

Anne Cruz, Associate Editor

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There are two new bills regarding the homeless waiting to take effect: House Bill 5103 and House Bill 5104. These bills are a package deal, so one bill can’t be passed unless the other is passed as well.

House Bill 5103: a new act, named the “Aggressive Solicitation Prohibition Act.” This deems publicly soliciting another person, under certain conditions, a violation of the law. Failure to follow suit could result in, at most, a $100 fine and granted permission to local government to take action by enforcing a local edict with respect to the situation.

House Bill 5104 deems begging in a public place no longer be a crime or conduct of an unruly person. Failure to follow suit used to result in at most 90 days in jail and a fine of no more than $500.

Both bills have a big impact on revenue depending on the amount of people fined. Equitable penalties of House Bill 5103 would result in an increase in proceeds for the Justice System Fund, State Police, Corrections, and Health and Human Services. The passing of House Bill 5104 could potentially decrease the cost of government relations to local probation supervision and/or jails. It could also possibly decrease funding for local libraries due to a decrease in penal fine revenues.

As seen, there are many pros and cons to both House Bill 5103 and 5104. In making the decision to pass or not pass the bills, it is very important to remember they are a package deal. And yet what the homeless need are not new laws on begging. The homeless need a home.

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How to solicit: Two new bills regarding the homeless