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What Does the Sound of 2015 Say About Us?

Anne Cruz, Associate Editor

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Based on Billboard Top 100’s top 25 songs, the year of 2015 has consisted of struggles, sorrows, sadness and stress. How do these songs, the emotions they convey, and the meanings behind them reflect on their audience today? “They [the audience/our generation] think they’re so sad, but in reality they like to think about someone else’s heartbreak to get their mind off theirs… or we just have a very sadistic generation” says Divine Child High School freshman Mary Collins.

According to the lyrics of the top 25, many students and teachers  agree that our generation really likes to listen about relationships and, more specifically, breakups! Fellow Divine Child Student Ivy Eifert said, “We like to worry about relationships.” A science teacher Mrs. Porier said, “The lyrics are certainly about relationships, it seems like a lot about breakups!”

Looking past the lyrics, the way the lyrics are presented can come across as incoherent, formed in incomplete thoughts. Mrs. Porier additionally remarked, “It’s more in phrases and words than complete thoughts and ideas.”

As for overall “good and quality” taste in music, journalism instructor Mr. Danielson-Francois says, “You guys only listen to whatever is available, you end up having very commercial taste, you have no edge.”

Overall, it seems 2015 was a more of a depressing year. So let’s make 2016 better!

Still, don’t be afraid to listen what you want to listen to. Yes, the top 25 gives off a sad vibe, but we sometimes need a pick-me-up in the form of music! Everyone has a different music taste because music is what you make of it.

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What Does the Sound of 2015 Say About Us?