What Time is it? Summer time!

As summer time rolls around, new activities take place over studying, homework, and other school related topics. For some, summer is a time to visit realitives, spend time tanning by the lake, or even getting a first job. For Freshman Michael Thompson, summer means taking a vactation in the Bahama’s. Michael plans on taking a cruise there and taking a relaxing break from all his school studies. For Freshman Jackie White, summer means going on vacation and getting a head start on her science fair project. A tip for all those who are doing their science fair project next year: start now. It will save you a LOT of time later. Sophomore, Kori Schmidt said, ” Summer is for hanging with my friends and spending time with my family! Just having fun! To me, summer means to just relax and spend time with friends.” I think many of us would agree with Kori! If you are having trouble thinking of activities to do this summer, here are some:1) Grab a group of friends and take a trip out to the swimclub and spend the day with your friends. 2) Go for long bike ride. Sometimes the breeze and fresh air is all you need to think of something special you and your friends can do later on. 3) Go to a Tigers game! Sometimes you can find cheap tickets online, so make a day of it. Drive out to stadium and have a blast watching the Tigers make their way to the World Series!
An important thing to doin the summer, is to give back to your community. Many churches sponsor trips down to Detroit t help clean up the city. Cleaning up not your thing? Volunteer at a children’s hospital and spend the day bringing smiles to others. There are so many things you can do this summer to make a difference in your community. So Falcons, what are you doing this summer? Let us know! Remember, no matter what you do, if it is in the sun, wear plenty of sun block. From the DCFIA staff, be safe and have a great summer!
Click on the following link to see what sort of summer reading you can do to learn more abut your faith!http://www.americancatholic.org/e-News/FFU/newlayout.asp?id=19