Congratulations Class of 2012

The stats are in on the Divine Child graduating class of 2012! There are a total of 211 students graduating this year. All of the students are on to bigger and better things. They are either attending a trade school, going to a college or university, or going into the military. The school is very proud of the schools its students got in to. But how good are the schools the students got into. A total of 52 students are attending schools either ranked in the Newsweek top one hundred universities or ranked in the Newsweek top 100 colleges. That means that twenty- five percent of the graduating students are going to the top 100 colleges or universities. This is a huge accomplishment for both the student and the school. The schools that are listed in the top one hundred are; Brown University, University of Michigan, New York University, Kalamazoo College, Hope University, Kettering University, and Michigan State University.  The universities in the top one hundred that have the most students from Divine Child attending next year are the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. There are twenty students going to U of M and twenty-six students going to Michigan State. It is truly amazing how many student got into these schools.  One fourth of the graduating class got into the top one hundred schools. We are very proud and wish all of the graduating students the best of luck next year and in the future.