Welcome Class of 2016!

This upcoming school year, the incoming freshman will be entering into a new stage in their life as they begin their high school careers. Divine Child is an excellent place to usher in this important period in someone’s life. It offers a wide range of useful resources, and is a breeding groun


Welcome Class of 2016!

As incoming freshmen to DCHS, you should know some of the following:

1) DC Sports

DC has some great sports programs. Get involved! Even if you don’t play a sport, go to the games! Cheer on the teams in Divine Child’s famous student section!

2) DC Activities and Clubs

There are plenty of other activities besides sports that you can get involved in! You can volunteer to bake cookies for Cookies for Cass corridor, the fall Rake and Run, not to mention you could join a club! DC has dozens of clubs, some of which are named below: Drama Club, Pro-Life Club, Anime Club, Varsity Club, Spanish Club, and so many more.

3) DC Urban Legends

According to teachers, DC has a tunnel connecting the grade school and the high school. I have had confirmation by an unnamed source that there is in fact a tunnel. What that tunnel holds, who knows…

4) Notable Academic Hurdles

First, if you are taking any honors class is prepared. Just come prepared every day, and you’ll do fine. Study your notes every night, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask other students who have taken the class for help. When Science Fair rolls around, you are going to want to procrastinate. Don’t! Get started, and it will be over soon.

5) Rivalries

The Girls Basketball program has a huge rivalry with Mercy High School. If you join the program, get ready! There have been some rough games with Mercy, but DC tends to come out the winner. Anyways, get yourself prepared, to squish the fish!

6) Favorite things about DC

I love the sports! Mainly because I am involved in three and I know how intense and fun they can get. Sports bring everyone together to cheer for the same thing. I love it!

7) If I had a million dollars, I would change the lunchroom at DC. I would make it more casual with tables and little couches for students to relax. But, the lunchroom food would stay the same. Maybe a little healthier, but nothing more. It’s pretty good!

8) Favorite Bible Verse

My favorite bible verse is Phil 4:13:” I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Faith is a huge part of our school, and is a part of every activity. Remember to keep your faith close to you, and you’ll do great!

9) Finally, your class saint

Pick a good one, because it will be a long four years if it’s not a very interesting one. Here are some possible choices: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Francis, St. Jude, and there are so many more. You should also get acquainted with the DC logo: http://pinterest.com/nat12398/welcome-class-of-2016/

Welcome class of 2016- Totten

Dear class of 2016, you will love and have fun in DC. There are many things that are likeable at DC. The teachers are all very nice and always offer a lot of help to all students. The after school activities and sports offered vary and are all lots of fun. You can choose almost any sport from Track and Field to Lacrosse. After school activities also include ping pong, video games, and language activities. There are also many clubs to join. Different languages are also offered. All classes are great and many electives are offered. Everyone on staff is a good person. Many students are kind and nice to get along with. There is a large library where you can socialize read and have lunch. Different pop and snack machines are also in the school. There is a cafeteria and kitchen for having and buying lunches, along with a snack bar outside the cafeteria. There is a giant gym for holding sports and a big track and football field outside. The school performances and assemblies are fun, and all the students are fun and very nice. DC is a great place. Many rumors also are taking place, for example, the tunnel connecting the high school to the elementary school. There is also the possible DC ghost that haunts the high school. There are many schools that DC has rivalries with, my rival is Catholic Central. Remember to pick a good class Saint, it is important. You will have a great time throughout your four years and have many memories of Divine Child High School.

Welcome class of 2016! There are many things to look forward to here at Divine Child. One of our traditions is Homecoming Week, or also known as spirit week. During this week, each specific day is a different theme, pajama day, mix match day; dress up day, the concluding spirit day, and ending the week with a pep rally. No matter what you are interested in, there is a club, sport, or activity for you. The clubs we have are limitless, chess club, car club, forensics, video game club, and so many more!

In attending Divine Child, you will hear many urban legends, such as the “elevator” that we have (which we don’t) In addition to this, there are also legends about ghosts in our school, and it’s alleged that even some of our staff members have witnessed these ghost sightings.

Even though Divine Child is very fun, there are some academic hurdles to accomplish. It’s supposed that sophomore year is the hardest, so my advice is to pay special attention to that specific year. Freshman and sophomore year are building years that will prepare you for becoming an upperclassmen.

Rivalries in Divine Child are not so much an issue in the interior of the school, but are very strong against other schools. No matter what the occasion or sport, from football, to track, to pom, we all come together as one big Divine Child family to support our athletes. And that is my favorite thing about Divine Child, it doesn’t matter what sport you play, we all are one when it comes to school spirit.

If I had a million dollars, I would change the building that Divine Child is in. I would renovate it into a two story building and expand on the classrooms. I would also make sure that we have our own football field, so that we can be right at our school during home games. My favorite bible verse is from John14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (NIV) This verse really makes it clear that we must have a relationship with Jesus to strengthen our full relationship with God. My suggestion for a class saint for the class of 2016 is St. Alexandra because she was a maid servant for those in help, which I think that service should be the mission of your class. There is a lot of need out in the world, and you all can be that helpful hand.

Hello future falcons, class of 2016! We all would like to welcome you to a warm comforting community here at Divine Child where fun filled moments and memories are made. Some of our traditions include: homecoming which is at the beginning of the year with also our homecoming parade with special unique floats made by each class. Another tradition is just attending the varsity football games under the lights on Friday nights. Actually attending all of the sports at DC is fun to watch with fellow friends and classmates. For the freshman there is always a freshman dance, which is always fun. Enjoy it because there are not too many dances here other than homecoming, Sadies, and prom.

There are many clubs and extra-curricular activities to participate in here at Divine Child. Whether it’s the car club, video game club, art club, to even our notorious state champion winning forensic team, they all are pleasurable and fun to be a part of.

A fun fact is that there is a tiny pool on the 2nd floor of the school, but only certain people are allowed up there. You must have a GPA of a secret amount, have club activities, participate in a sport, and you can only be allowed up by invitation only. All the rest is kept secret and confidential so no further information is to be posted.

Freshman year should be one of the best years for you hear at Divine Child. Meeting new friends is an experience which will bring you closer to the falcon life. Some of your hurdles throughout your 4 years may include: science fair, research papers, ACT test, and just sophomore year in general. If you exceed throughout sophomore year, then you are in great shape! Sophomore year is a struggle for most falcons, but try to strive through it and give it your all.

Pom vs. cheer has always been a rivalry. I honestly have to go with the pom team as they recently won a state championship here and seem to be more interesting to watch, but the cheer team is always good to have to. They cheer us on throughout the rain or shine as they deserve some respect too.

My favorite thing about DC is that we get along through the hardest times and learn how to grow from mistakes and experiences. Try to keep this tradition alive.

If I had a million dollars, I would change the Divine Child football field. Instead of playing at Crestwood, I would spend the money here to develop a nice football field complex at Divine Child.

My favorite Bible verse is probably the most famous one John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Suggestion for class saint would be St. Padre Pio as Padre Pio was a great man whom even healed people through the power of God.


Dear Class of 2016, entering Divine Child High School freshmen year may be a little scary, but you will survive, trust me! Traditions we have at DC are the week before our Homecoming dance, we kick the week off with a bonfire at school! Then every day of the week we get wear something different and interesting, such as; mismatch day, favorite character of some sort that matches the theme of Homecoming, and much more. Also, we get Homecoming t-shirts that we get to wear the on the Friday and we have a pep-rally! On Saturday, we have a parade and we walk to Crestwood’s football field to watch the football game! Divine Child’s key activities are definitely the sports! We have a variety of sports such as, pom, cheer, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, tennis, bowling, cross country, track, and etc. One of the Urban Legends at DC is that people say that there is a ghost from an accident that happened when they put in the upstairs track around the gym. The only person that said they have seen the ghost is Mr. Herman. A few things I suggest to you to get ready for is doing many service hours, look forward to a Science Fair Project, be organized in all of your classes because not all are easy classes. A thing you may laugh at the upper classmen about is when they get excited to wear a non-DC top! But as you get used to DC, you too will get excited to wear a non-DC top to school. Rivalries that DC has are such as Catholic Central and Ladywood. Not many of you may know, but the DC has a bowling team and the Girls’ team rivalry is Regina, and the Boy’s Rivalry is Catholic Central. If I had a millions, I would change a few things around in order to allow Divine Child to have tennis courts. I would first redo the football field to allow it to be a football and soccer field. Then make the old soccer field into tennis courts! It would be nicer for the DC tennis teams being able to practice closer to the school.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him shall not parish but have everlasting life with Jesus.” -John 3:16 This bible verse is one of my favorites because it reminds me that God loves us all, and wants us to for always believe in him and never forget him so we will have an eternal life with Jesus. I suggest that the Class of 2016’s class saint should be Saint Michael the Archangel. The name Michael signifies “Who is like to God?” and was the war cry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against Satan and his followers. Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as “one of the chief princes,” and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been especially honored and invoked as patron and protector by the Church from the time of the Apostles.

Dear class of 2016: The most important thing you need to know as an incoming freshman is the ghost named “Kevin”. He haunts the halls of DC and he will get you if you’re not careful. Many students report seeing strange things written on the chalkboards. According to one website, “Several years ago, when a new gym addition to the school was being built, a construction worker fell from scaffolding and died from head injuries. Many people say that the new gym in the school is haunted and see his ghost up on the catwalk at night. If you walk down the halls of DC you feel like something is watching you, or following you, usually due to the footstep noises. It has been said that at night, in the empty halls, if you get in the school and walk around, some of the rooms are lit up and the janitor equipment will be standing outside some of the rooms, but if you go in the rooms there is no one to be found, but often strange things written on the chalk boards.”

Welcome Class of 2016! I know entering a new school can be kind of frightening, so here’s some of the need to know info about DC.


Homecoming week is one of the most exciting traditions at DC. The week starts off with a huge bonfire for the whole entire school. I strongly suggest that you go to the bonfire because it’s a lot of fun. Then at school every day of the week there is a special theme. This year the theme of the dance was I <3 New York so we had dress up like a tourist day, mix match day, dress up day for church, and much more. My favorite day of the week is Friday when the pep-rally is held. On this day people wear their class shirt. You can order a class shirt during the beginning of the week. Buying a shirt is not required. There are both ups and downs to buying a shirt. On the positive side you will fit in with the crowed because a lot of people buy them and when you’re a freshman you will probably not have a lot of spirit clothes yet, so it will help with that. On the negative side the shirts do cost money. Even though they cost money I would suggest buying one! At the pep-rally the four grades compete in games like take the bacon and tug of war. The students vote earlier on in the week to pick which students will represent their grade. The pep-rally is a lot of fun and makes classes shorter for the day! On Saturday there is a parade of floats. Each grade has a float. If you have spare time you should help decorate the float, it’s a lot of fun and helps you meet new people. The parade leads to the big football game.


Like all high schools, sports are a big part of the school. If you play a sport or want to play one I would definitely suggest trying-out. If you are nervous about making it, there are some non-cut sports at DC like track and cross-country. If you’re not into sports there are plenty of other activities. For example the play and musical is a big part of the school and always really good. If you like public speaking you should join the award winning forensics team. The forensics team is a team that performs public speaking. There are a lot of different categories and I heard it’s really fun! If preforming isn’t your thing, there are tons of clubs at DC. For example there is a movie club, car club, art club, Spanish club, German club, Latin club and a bunch more.


The school is haunted… When the school’s gym was being built several years, a worker fell and died. Ever since then people have reported hearing strange noises at the school. They say if you’re at the school at night it always feels like someone is following you. One staff member says he saw the ghost one time. Here are some websites that tell about the haunting-


Science fair is probably the biggest project you will have to do at DC. You have to pick a topic, write a research paper on it, design an experiment, and present your results on a big display board. Some projects can take months to do. The projects are scored and the best ones get to go to COBO. At COBO you can win a lot of prizes. You can even win money. Another big academic hurdle is taking honors classes. Honor classes are a little time consuming but if you study hard and keep organized you’ll be fine. You don’t have to take honors classes but if you’re up to the challenge then I would suggest them.


All of the different sports at DC have different rivalries. The rivalries mainly consist of other Catholic schools. For example one of the Girls Varsity Soccer rivalries is with Ladywood High School. In guys sports Catholic Central is a huge rivalry. Mercy, Marian and Regina are all big girl rivalries also. In addition to Catholic Central, U of D and Brother Rice are big boy rivalries.

Now that you know a little bit about the school, I’m going to tell you my favorite parts. My favorite part about DC is the sense of community within the school. The whole school is like a big family. Everybody supports each other and helps each other out. Also at DC there is a large sense of school pride. The students are proud to call DC their school. When freshman Kayla Gandy was asked what her favorite part about DC was she said, “The great teachers and running track are my favorite part.” Everything about DC is great and I’m sure you’ll love it because I love it! I love DC and if I had a million dollars I would use it to help the school. I would first build a football stadium at the school with a track around it. The school would be able to use the facility for football, track and soccer. The field would be turf too. If I had money left over from the field I would build an indoor swimming pool. I would do this because one of the few sports the school doesn’t have is a swim team and with a pool they could have one. DC also has a great faith-filled community. The school helps guide its students in living a faithful life. In religion class you will learn all about the Bible and you will discover your favorite verse. My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse is my favorite because when I am struggling with something I just remember this verse and it gives me strength to keep going even when it gets tough. Another thing you will do as a freshman is pick a class saint. I suggest you pick St. Christopher as your saint. He was a martyr and the patron saint of strength. I suggest you choose him because whenever you need help you can pray to him and he will give you strength. If you have any questions about the school or anything at all feel free to comment!!

Catholic newspaper article on St. Christopher- http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=36

DC PHOTOS- http://pinterest.com/jackieewhite/divine-child-highschool/

Students and faculty of Divine Child would like to welcome the incoming class of 2016. As a community, we look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and to teach you the history and traditions of Divine Child High School. Freshmen year can be nerve racking and at times students can feel uncertain about their classes or meeting new people. Even though it seems as though high school can be a bit intimidating, the DC community helps the incoming freshmen meet other students and make everyone feel welcome very quickly. DC does this by having the band and student council welcome students as they walk through the doors on their very first day. A lot of freshmen also get involved with fall sports which help them to meet new people so that they can spot a familiar face in a crowd full of new people. DC also offers a variety of different clubs so that everyone can find a spot to fit in. Divine Child has a strong foundation in both academics and faith. In order to graduate, students are required to take one religion class every semester. Religion classes here at DC help you learn more about yourself and about God. Also, each grade goes on a retreat once a year where students can bond with their classmates, grow closer to their faith, and get out of school for a day. Teachers are also changing the style of retreats and making them more exciting for upcoming grades as well. Also, academics at DC will prepare you for your future. As freshmen, it is important to get involved, meet new people, work hard in school, and enjoy your high school years.

Welcome class of 2016-Betz

Dear class of 2016, entering this year it will be very stressful to start but I guarantee it will get better just like it has for me. To help you prepare for this change I will be informing you with the Sports traditions. For basketball the day of the game or the Friday before the weekend game they will announce if it will be a black out or a white out. Occasionally you will get the start with white then at half you will switch to black. For Hockey there is always someone that brings posters and sometimes has the “that was easy” button on it but most importantly, be loud. For baseball sometimes people will bring “K” signs for strikeouts but the players enjoy large crowds. Football everyone attends and you have to be loud. Things you should look out for are people that sell “elevator passes” there is no such thing and do not fall for it. Also people say that there is a ghost from an accident that happened when they put in the upstairs track around the gym, though only one person has claimed they have seen it, that has been Mr. Herman. Also there is an underground pass under the school that has been verified by a source unnamed. I suggest that you get started on your service hours; I haven’t started them yet and starting to get stressed about getting them. You should get them out of the way so you don’t worry about it and will be able to do your virtue portfolio in religion early. If I had a million dollars for the school I would spend it on athletics. Our baseball fields are not very good and I would make those world classes for our program and build a bigger workout room. My favorite bible verse is John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” A good class saint is St. Aquinas who did a lot for religion in the west.

Welcome to Divine Child, class of 2016-sheppard

A.) You should be aware that our school is built on tradition. The traditions are closely wrapped together with God. We go to Church ever week together. All of the students are pretty close, by your senior year you will know mostly every person in your class as well as others.

B.)DC offers many different activities, between clubs and sports; I recommend that you join at least one that you are interested in. Make sure that you don’t go through all 4 years without participating in a single thing, and if sports aren’t your thing then just support the teams, go to the games. It is a great time.

C.)Watch out for the Ghost in the school. A man died in the building of an add on to the school and he is said to haunt the school now. If your here after hours, you may hear footsteps or see lights turn on with nobody there. Spooky! Oh and don’t forget to buy an elevator pass, and a pool pass which is on the 2nd floor.

D.)If regular classes are easy for you and you do well you should consider doing honors and AP classes. It will help you get into a good college, while you should not be afraid to talk to your teachers if you have a hard time. They will work something out for you if needed.

E.) The biggest rivalry in our school is pom vs. cheer. There is a big rivalry between the two. We also have a rivalry with Catholic Central, and Brother Rice.

F.)My favorite thing about DC is Senior Privilege, where as a senior you can take your 7th hour off, and leave school after 6th hours.

G.) If I had a million dollars, I would change the athletic programs, new fields for soccer and football, and an ice rink on campus.

H.) Do your research for your Class Saint; have them represent you well, because you will have it for 4 years.

Welcome Class of 2016- Angie Krueger

Well welcome to Divine Child High School! This is probably the most cliché thing to say, but 4 years goes by very quickly, so make the best of your high school years here. That’s enough advice for now. Now let’s talk about your new school…

After over 50 years of its existence, DC has of course developed many of its own traditions. As freshmen, you are not allowed to attend any formal dance, that’s not exactly a great thing for frosh, but it qualifies as tradition. Also, we ready for your first pep rally, the freshmen chop will take over the entire gym, but don’t feel too bad, and it’s just something everyone has to go through.

The transition into high school can be pretty overwhelming and scary at times, so it’s important to have people to be there to help you out. With that being said, be friendly to everyone and make lots of friends as a freshman. Be sure to join at least one club or sport, it makes it easy to bond with your classmates and even some upperclassmen or teachers. The more people you know around school, the more pleasant of an experience it will be showing up for school every day.

When you first glance at the school, it will appear that DC is only one story, if you think that however, you are wrong. The first week of school, elevator passes will be for sale for 10 dollars, if you purchase them in September they will be 20 dollars. Make sure you ask an upperclassman about them, not a teacher. Also, all of that is untrue. DC is only one story, except of course for the weight room and projection room, but there are no elevators, so don’t fall for that trick!

There is absolutely no way around it, as biology student, whether it be your freshman or sophomore year, science fair is going to eventually get the best of you. Make sure you don’t blow it off; it’s not as bad as it seems, really.

With every sport or activity here at DC comes some form of rivalry or competition. Our most well-known rival is in boys’ sports, being Catholic Central. Year after year, sport after sport, DC and CC just seem to be out to get each other. With close games, chants, yelling, screaming, and the occasional gesture. Don’t be alarmed. Honestly, it would be weird if nothing was said and DC and CC made peace.

If I had to pick just one thing to be my absolute favorite thing about DC, honestly I would say our uniforms. I know, they seem terrible and look awful, but they’ll grow on you. They make it so much easier getting ready every day and everyone looks the same, so no one is really trying to dress to impress. However, just in case you end up really hating the uniforms, once in a while you will get jeans days or the occasional dress up day. If not, there’s always the weekends, after school, breaks, and summer to dress how you please.

If for whatever reason I came into say, $1,000,000, I would spend every single penny of it on Divine Child. Well not really, but I buy some land and build the school its own football field, because I think it’s kind of strange that DC’s “home” field is at Crestwood, but that’s just me. Also, assuming I have some money left over, I would buy new chairs for the computers rooms because they current chairs don’t match the room and that just drives me crazy.

I know what high school student has a favorite Bible verse? Well if you’re going to DC, you better have one. Just kidding, you don’t need one, but words of strength and encouragement are always nice to have. My favorite Bible verse would probably have to be Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It’s a simple, relatively well-known passage, but it is very true and something you should always keep in mind.

Chances are, by your senior year you probably will have forgotten, if you even knew what your class saint is, but for some reason, it is very important to have a class saint considering DC is a Catholic school. With that being said, choose your class saint carefully, make it be someone you will remember and maybe even go to when you need help. Saint Thomas Aquinas might be a good choice, considering he is the patron saint of Catholic schools. Whichever saint your class chooses, make sure it has meaning because without a purpose, you won’t be able to relate and appreciate the fact that your class has its very own saint.

Now that I have given you some of my wisdom about Divine Child, I want to wish you luck in your high school years. Have a blast, study hard, make friends, and stay of trouble, however if you do get into trouble, don’t get caught, the administration are real sticklers.

Now that you know some of the ins and outs of DC, we think you will be pretty well prepared. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially to your link leader, who will help you out throughout the year, just ask. Everyone has been there, gone through the same things, and felt the same feelings. Get ready for an awesome experience! Now that you have some of our wisdom about Divine Child, we want to wish you luck in your high school years. Have a blast, study hard, make friends, and stay out of trouble, however if you do get into trouble, don’t get caught, the administration are real sticklers. Enjoy being a falcon!