Conference of mayors Washington D.C.

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Mayor Randy Walker with President

The mayor of Garden City, Randy Walker, recently returned from a conference in Washington D.C. that addressed some of the issues facing urban America. At this conference, mayors shared information/plans for cities so that other cities learn from each other. Also at this conference, they talked about topics such as child obesity, clean water, and infrastructure of bridges and roads.

While he was in Washington,  he was honered and was able to meet the President. He said that
the President was “an awesome and down to earth man”. Also, like any other tourist in
Washington D.C., he went and did a little sight seeing. He saw monuments such as the
Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, and the memorial honoring veterans of  World War II.

The mayor takes his faith seriously and considerS God in everything he does. He says
“when it comes to his faith he leads by example man.”. He also serves his faith by
helping people see Christ in each other.

By: Michael Thompson



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