The Old Debate: Catholic vs. Public School

The debate between sending your kids to a public or private school is not a new topic. However, most families enroll their children in the public school system. Private schools are becoming less common in today’s age. Many argue that public school education is equivalent to a private school’s education, besides the price tag. Tuition is very expensive and is a huge sacrifice to families who put their children through a Catholic School, not to mention the other expenses, such as uniforms. Many people don’t know the differences between the two school systems besides the uniform and attending Church with your school. I interviewed individuals to ask them their opinion on their education, and if they view any difference between public or private education.

“I think Catholic School is a good way to bring faith into your life. Some positives of Catholic School is you get to learn about Christianity, and other religions you wouldn’t know much about. A negative is that you are only really exposed to Catholics, as in the student body is mostly Catholic, so after high school it will be a much different experience” Madison Hester, a Divine Child senior explains. Madison is very involved in her faith and is proud of her Catholic K-12 education. “Another huge advantage of Catholic School education is the teachers are paid less than public, which weeds out the teachers who don’t have a strong passion for education and child development not only in their studies but in their faith.”

Brittany Dinnell, a Divine Child graduate of 2014, explains another important outlook on Catholic education. “I am really proud and grateful for my K-12 Catholic Education, and I am so blessed to be put through it by my parents. One part I thought was a drawback is that our school didn’t provide the ACT testing, as public schools did during a school day. I believe that our school is more strict on our studies and push students really hard to do the best they can which is a huge positive and shows the drive of our teachers and staff.”

“I believe public high school has more diversity, and you get to see different backgrounds of people that aren’t just like you,” Jenna Files a Wayne Memorial graduate of 2017 told me. “Not everyone has the same family situation, some families have more money than others, some kids are really into school and their studies, other don’t care, some are into bad habits but you will run into that at any school. I think there is definitely a benefit to Private School. You are paying for high standards.”

“We are held to high standards, as our curriculum is very tough, we might groan with the homework, but I will be thankful for my opportunity of Catholic School in the end,” says Chelsea Manchell, a senior at Divine Child. I think most students at Divine Child and other Catholic schools would agree with Chelsea’s statement. We may struggle through difficult classes, but we are all thankful for the sacrifices our parents have made for us to be here.