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Fifth Grade Fable

Haley Acosta

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In a land called the Backyard, there lived many small animals like toads, birds, and mice. All of these animals lived in fear of Clarisse, a fat gray tabby who belonged to the Smith family. Clarisse was blind, and relied only on sound, which is what made her so dangerous.
One day a stranger, who was a neon green poison dart frog with blue stripes and yellow spots, came to the Backyard. The poison dart frog’s name was Linus and he was hoping to save the creatures and become their hero. “ I can imitate any creature’s voice and fool any cat,” Linus bragged, “and I will courageously save you all!” The creatures begged Linus to kill Clarisse with his poison, and not to fool around by trying to trick the cat, but Linus refused by saying, “Nonsense! I’ll prove my superior intelligence by tricking Clarisse to leave forever!”
Linus then called for Clarisse in the voice of a lion. “Clarisse!” Linus roared. “ You have terrorized these creatures long enough! Leave now or else I will have to eat you!” Clarisse merely grinned and said, “Brother lion, I know you are trying to trick me to leave so you can have my prey all to yourself. Besides, you wouldn’t hurt a blind cat, would you?”
Linus thought to himself, “Well, if a cat won’t hurt another cat, maybe she’ll listen if she thinks I’m a hawk!” On this note, Linus changed his voice to that of a hawk and cawed, “Clarisse! You have terrorized these creatures long enough! Leave now or else I will swoop down, pick you up with my sharp talons, and bring up into the air, where I will let you fall to your death!” Clarisse snarled at this. “ You cannot defeat me, hawk! I will kill you just as easily as I kill your cousins, the baby robins! Besides, everyone knows that cats always land on their feet.”
Linus thought, “If she won’t listen to a hawk, perhaps she will listen if she thinks I’m a human!” With this, Linus changed his voice to little girl’s, the same little girl who lived in the Smith home. “Clarisse!” Linus shouted. “ You have terrorized these creatures long enough! Leave now or else I will have to pick you up by your tail and throw you into the street!” Clarisse let out an angry growl and then started to smile wickedly, and then started to laugh! “You thought you could trick me,” purred Clarisse, “ but I know Lucy would never throw me into the street! I’ll make you regret trying to trick the almighty Clarisse!” Clarisse then lunged toward the sound of Linus and swallowed him in one gulp! Clarisse soon was affected by the poison, and died.
The creatures of the backyard were now free and lived in peace without the fear of the blind cat, Clarisse.

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Fifth Grade Fable