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The Gift of Giving

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  Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday starts off a global donating season. Encouraged by the power of collaboration and social media, donations have substantially increased throughout the years. Beginning in 2012 with only $12,000,000 in donations, Giving Tuesday has been more acknowledged throughout the years. Now, donations have reached over 252,072,000 dollars. This special day, though, is not just about donating money. 

      Globally, people relate Giving Tuesday with donating money to various charity organizations. Truthfully, cash donations can be exceedingly helpful, yet the meaning of this special day is much deeper than most may presume. Thankfulness mustn’t be expressed with just words and donations, but through actions as well. The purpose for Giving Tuesday is to express gratitude towards the things one might disregard; it’s the small things the less fortunate desire most. Many take the basic human necessities, such as clothing, food, water, and shelter, for granted. In order to give thanks and show appreciation, many find opportunities to give back, especially during this charitable season after Thanksgiving. Some ways to give back include, going to homeless shelters, cooking for the less fortunate, and packing food cans. By taking part in these little things, one may have the capability of changing the lives of thousands. 

      Luckily, this international day of giving makes it exceptionally effortless to help others around the world. The only trouble is getting everyone involved. As mentioned above, Giving Tuesday’s highest year of donations reached 252,072,000 dollars. Since Giving Tuesday is globally celebrated, one might expect this number to be much higher. It’s unfortunate that not everyone takes part in this charitable movement. All in all, if everyone would come together and donate, this number may quadruple. Whether it be a donation of time, money, or energy this day gives us the power to send help throughout the world. 

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The Gift of Giving