More Lacrosse at Divine Child

Not only at Divine Child High School but throughout several schools, girls’ lacrosse does not have a significant presence as a sport. Though most sports at D.C. have a boys and girls team, lacrosse only has boys’ team. In a recent poll, many young women were asked for their opinion on what team Divine Child school should add. Many answered, a “girls lax” team.

Though girls’ lacrosse differs slightly from boys’, they align in the fundamentals. The basics, like passing, cradling, and shooting in both mens’ and womens’ lacrosse are the same.

Girls’ lacrosse and girls’ soccer often go hand-in-hand. One of the many benefits of the addition of the sport, then, that many do not realize is that it could act as fall training and conditioning for soccer in the spring.

It takes 2–3 years for a club to become a legitimate sport. It seems many Divine Child students want to speed up the process with their adamant requests for a girls’ lacrosse team to form. Answering a question asking what sport one would like to see in the school, students like Aya Khanafer, Madi Dandrea and Shelby Brant all commented on a Instagram public poll: “Girls lacrosse!”

Many people in Divine Child think a new girls lacrosse team would be the perfect thing. After becoming aware of the numbers, public opinion, and information on the sport, I cannot disagree.