Team Handball: Why Not in High School?

Many people have not heard of this official Olympic sport that, at most, makes it to a gym class for a week of play before everyone forgets about it completely. Yes, I am talking about team handball. Watching the game with no real knowledge of handball, one could see it as though it’s just a bunch of grown men playing a physical kids’ game. There’s much more to it, than it initially appears, however, without being overly complicated. It’s one sport that deserves more attention than it gets. It’s dismissed too easily and could definitely make itself as an official high school sport.

On the left, is a friendly game between the U.S. and Germany. It’s not a serious match, so a few rules are not followed throughout the match, but it does a good job of demonstrating the basics of the game. The official rules can be viewed here. It seems as thought there are a lot of rules. Yet after one starts playing, they begin to come quite naturally to the point where you wouldn’t even need to think about it. It’s at that point where team handball becomes the most fun.

Then the question comes, why don’t high schools support team handball as a team sport? A plain and obvious reason is that most people just haven’t heard of the sport. It would take a group of passionate students to get a club, then a team started. The first big step is to get the team handball out there. When the Olympics come around, it’ll be easier to get people to watch and learn a bit more about the sport. For now, however, all that can really be done is individuals telling their friends about it, and it being shared over social media because, as of now, it isn’t gaining any television time.

Team handball is a sport that doesn’t receive the attention it well deserves. It’s a very fun sport that’s easy for all ages to get into and learn. When playing, all parties involved are having fun, while also getting good exercise. When looking for a sport to play, those are two main things people are looking for, and team handball is able to offer both. There’s no reason not to give it a try sometime. Maybe in the future we’ll have competitive teams in schools across the U.S.