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Cover of Matthew Kelly's Rediscover Jesus Book

Cover of Matthew Kelly's Rediscover Jesus Book

Eric Gillis

Eric Gillis

Cover of Matthew Kelly's Rediscover Jesus Book

Yasmine Choucair, Staff Writer

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Unable to be seen, incapable of being touched, yet billions of people believe in its existence.
If gravity has the world accepting its actuality, how hard can it truly be to convince a disbeliever
into believing in God? Furthermore, how can those who are lay, rediscover the Church and the
teaching’s of Jesus? Matthew Kelly, the author of Rediscover Jesus, claims to have inspired
thousands of the laity community into following the path of Jesus. Although it may seem like a
challenge, Matthew Kelly firmly believes that he can make a positive change throughout the

Initially, Matthew Kelly, founder of the Dynamic Catholic Institute, strongly believes in the
process of evangelization. Since the foundation of the Dynamic Catholic Institute began, Kelly
has sold more than five million copies of his books. In addition, he has also given away
thousands of copies. His plan is to convert as many people as he can into following the ways of
the Catholic Church.

In continuation, despite his good efforts, numerous theories have risen about Matthew Kelly.
Many feel that Kelly may be more after fame, rather than the evangelization of the Catholic
Church. With confidence though, it can be assured that those horrid theories are false. Kelly
insists on having many of his books donated, in hopes of inspiring those who have no faith.
Kelly selling his books does not indicate greed in anyway, only a man making a living while
spreading the Christian faith he is most dedicated to. As Matthew Kelly has once stated,
“transforming people one at a time is at the heart of God’s plan for the world.” Evangelization is
not an easy task to take on, but one person can be the start of hundreds.

Furthermore, many local schools have used books produced by Kelly in order to teach their
students. At Divine Child High School, for example, twelve grade theology classes use Kelly’s
book Rediscover Catholicism throughout the school day. According to theology teacher Mr.
Sierra, overall, Rediscover Catholicism includes “very accurate perspectives” as well as a
“positive influence.” All in all, the process of evangelization is much harder than assumed.
Matthew Kelly should be respected for his hard efforts and influences.

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