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New Advancement In Stem Cell Research

Maria Jalil, Medical Correspondent

November 5, 2012

Filed under Gospel Values

For over decades, stem cells has arguably been the forefront of research.  The NIH in 2011 alone spent $200 million on embryonic stem cell research. It is extremely controversial for several reasons.  One being  whether embryonic...

Terry Jones Makes Another Visit to Dearborn

Trevor Renner, staff writer

October 11, 2012

Filed under Gospel Values, Top Stories

Terry Jones the pastor from Florida paid yet another visit to Dearborn yesterday in front of Edsel Ford High school. His group "stand up America now" held a rally at one o' clock in front of the high school  to stand up against...

Liberty’s Connection to Faith

Wassim Katbey

October 10, 2012

Filed under Gospel Values

Liberty requires religious morals and beliefs. Without believing in a God, or having faith in anything, there would be no morals and ethnics. Everything would just be outrageous. This is why we need faith; does freedom require...

The Rising Number of Adults Not Affiliated with a Religion

Lauren O'Leary, Reporter- Staff Writer

October 9, 2012

Filed under Gospel Values

The number of American's who do not practice a religion is going up. According to the Pew Forum, one-fifth of young adults are not affiliated with any religion. This is the highest number that it has ever been. In the past five...

October: Respect for Human Life Month

Lauren O'Leary, Staff Writer

October 2, 2012

Filed under Gospel Values

This October is Respect Life Month. This is the fortieth year in which this has been acknowledged. This month recognizes God’s gift of life to us. God created us all equally and gave us all human dignity. No person is better ...

Obama and Romney: What They Really Think

September 24, 2012

Filed under Gospel Values

Yes its that time of the year again. Every time you change the channel there's some political commercials on debating on who to vote for and who not to vote for. While some make fun of it and blow it off like no big deal, others...

Atheists/Agnostics Side of Whether There Should Be A Religious President

Josip Kennedy, Staff Writer

September 24, 2012

Filed under Christian Tradition, Gospel Values

The question is asked three of my Atheist/Agnostic friends was, "Do you care/think there should be a religious President?" At first, here were the responses. One said, "NO!", another one said, "Not really.", and finally the...

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