Faith in Action

Alabama Football

December 17, 2018

It’s 2nd down and #26 as a freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throws a perfect pass to freshman wide receiver Devonta Smith to win the 2018 National Championship against the Georgia Bulldogs. With Alabama being defending Na...

Divine Child Boys’ Tennis Boasts Stellar Season

Cate Charron, Staff Writer

October 1, 2018

Divine Child Boys’ Tennis Boasts Stellar Season   Team photo at the Jim Hadley Tournament Divine Child boys tennis is having a season for the books. They hold a 4–2 record this season and are ready to finish the...

Source Coding Life

December 3, 2015

An algorithm’s definition is a self-contained, step-by-step set of operations to be performed. The purpose of its existence is to perform calculations, data processing, and automated reasoning. The way a program is written can ha...

Divine Child’s Shining Stars

November 24, 2015

“ The experience was amazing , I was able to observe Jupiter and its four Galilean moons… and that was really cool .” She also went on to say “ I was also really surprised because in addition we [ the group] also saw Venus .”

Ryan Mangulabnan’s Rise To States (Pre-Game)

November 6, 2015

Cross Country States 2015 Senior Ryan Mangulabnan '16  of Divine Child High School has made it to Michigan Cross Country States. After much tenacity and four years of  hard work and perseverance, he is achieving his dream...

A Soldier’s Christmas

November 4, 2015

The heroes of our country are not the ones of the silver screen or the mass media. They are  the teachers, the ones working behind the counter at Home Depot, the mother tirelessly taking care of her children . They are al...

More Lacrosse at Divine Child

October 27, 2015

Not only at Divine Child High School but throughout several schools, girls' lacrosse does not have a significant presence as a sport. Though most sports at D.C. have a boys and girls team, lacrosse only has boys' team. In a r...

Team Handball: Why Not in High School?

October 26, 2015

Many people have not heard of this official Olympic sport that, at most, makes it to a gym class for a week of play before everyone forgets about it completely. Yes, I am talking about team handball. Watching the game with no re...

Why Isn’t Boxing a High School Sport ?

October 26, 2015

Boxing is a sport that has a long of lineage around the globe, since the early 16th century in Russia. Boxing evolved from 16th- and 18th-century prizefights, largely in Great Britain, to the forerunner of modern boxing in the mi...

Aerial Anarchy- The Physics of Defying Gravity

October 23, 2015

With all the subtlety of a spade to the head, Nitro Circus’s performance at Joe Louis Arena , located in the heart of  downtown Detroit, opened with the line  “When committing to this life you have two options: Roll away...

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