Faith in Action



Mission and Ethics

Faith in Action is the official student publication of Divine Child High School ( ), located at 1001 N Silvery Lane, Dearborn MI 48128. DCFIA  is published every two weeks, and student reporters in the Online Journalism classes are responsible for writing one feature article per issue. The topics for each issue are determined by the the publication managing editors and approved by Mr. Danielson-Francois. We adhere strictly to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

We  model our online publication on First Things ( ) and The New Atlantis ( ). Our goal is to design, compose and publish a constructive online publication that articulates a teenager’s perspective on the salient issues of our time that require committed and consistent faith in action. We maintain high ethical standards with regard to fairness, personal and legal rights , responsibilities and accuracy. We will be prompt and willing to publish retractions when necessary.

We are ever conscious of our responsibility to be positive, solution-oriented and mindful of the nuance that informed inquiry requires. We welcome diversity that increases the scope and depth of our coverage in order to heighten mutual understanding and awareness throughout our entire school community. We observe restrictions concerning preservation of anonymity and the need for parental permission by minors under conditions having legal ramifications.

Editorial  Policy 

Unsigned editorials express the views of the majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor are welcome and will be published if they are in keeping with the mission of DC Faith in Action. Letters must be signed, although the staff may withhold the name on request. The paper reserves the right to edit letters for grammar and clarity, and all letters are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy and disruption of the school process, as are all contents of the paper. Opinions in letters are not necessarily those of the staff, nor should any opinion expressed in a public forum be construed as the opinion or policy of the administration, unless so attributed.


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