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Introducing the Class of 2012 Valedictorian: Louise Sawaya

Jackie White

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The Divine Child Class of 2012’s Valedictorian is Louise Sawaya. Louise is a member of the girls cross country team and is always in the musicals. You may have even seen her as Winnie in this year’s Annie Get Your Gun. Louise was also a part this years May Crowning Court. Lousie will be joining her sister next year at Central Michigan University. Through her hard work in her years at DC, Louise received a full ride scholarship to go Central. She plans to study pre-med because she wants to become a doctor. Since Louise also loves Spainish, she is planing to minor in Spainish. Louise wants to become a pediatrican. When asked in an interview why she wanted to be a doctor she said, “I hope that one day I can impact the lives of people by truly helping them, and I figured there is no better way to help than by making them healthy!” After medical school Louise wants to go to Latin America and do charity work.

Louise will be leaving DC and going on to big and better things. But, just because she is graduating doesn’t mean she’ll forget her alma mater. Louise will remember her friends and teachers the most. When asked what her favorite memory of DC was she said, “I have so many amazing memories from DC, but my favorite ones are probably from cross country camp with my amazing team.” Louise was very close with her cross country team, her team was like her family. This family enviroment of the sports teams at DC and of the school as whole was Louise’s favorite part of the school she is proud to graduate from.

Soon, Louise will give her speech in front of her fellow classmates at the graduation ceremony she spent four years working towards. Four years ago, Louise was just a freshman never even imagening that she would be the valedictorian of her class. Looking back on freshman years Louise said, “I was so shocked to see my rank as first in my class after my first semester as a freshman.” After seeing that she could end up being the valedictorian, Louise made it her goal. Now, with four years of hard work she has reached that goal.

On Sunday, May 20, Louise will give her speech and then the journey will finally be over. Louise is a little nervouse, but mostly excited. This speech is her chance to inspire her class and let them know how much they really mean to her. The theme will revolve around, the Class of 2012’s life in the future. Louise’s major points will be about faith, dreams, and discovering who you really are. She will even give a metaphor about individuality and possibilty with the stars and the sky. Louise wants the rest of the speech to be a surprise. When i asked if she had any advice for her fellow graduating classmates, she said, ” It’s time to go out into the world and find out who we are! Don’t stop searching until you find yourself, and always do something that makes you happy. If you’re happy with yourself and with your career one day, your life will be all that you want it to be. Never give up on yourself, on your family, on your friends, or on God.”

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The student news site of Divine Child High School
Introducing the Class of 2012 Valedictorian: Louise Sawaya