Women’s History Month is Madness

Angela Krueger, Business Manager

As many people do not know, March is Women’s History Month. For some reason women get their very own month, while men have to struggle year round having no month all to themselves. However, for some reason women still somehow get forgotten. Two female athletes gave their own explaination to why more attention isn’t paid to women, especially women’s sports throughout the month of March. Jane MacDonnel, a volleyball player at Divine Child said, “Everyone is so focused on March Madness. Just because a month is titled ‘Women’s History Month’ doesn’t make people care any more than they do in any other month.” A senior soccer player from Dearborn High, Maria Leon explained, “Some people don’t take women’s sports seriously and feel that they are not as important as men’s sports.” Men and women should be seen as equals, even when it comes to sports and also in honoring them. With that being said, if women want to be treated and thought of the same, they shouldn’t have created a month singling themselves out, especially a month with such an intense basketball tournement. Of all the months in the year, the one month devoted to basketball madness was also chosen to be dedicated to women as well. The month of March, in the minds of most men revolves around basketball games and brackets, not women or their history.

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