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Interview with King Herod of Judea

December 18

Filed under Gospel Values

Everyone sees Christmas as a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus, but why doesn't anyone focus on the other side of the story? I'm referring of course to King Herod who infamously tried to kill baby Jesus. No one ever fo...

Bethlehem- Zechariah Interview

Josip Kennedy, Staff Writer

December 18

Filed under Christian Tradition, Gospel Values, Lives of Responsibility and Leadership

The story behind Zechariah is that he is the husband of Elizabeth, a barren woman, who is also the cousin of the Virgin Mary. Zechariah is visited by the Angel Gabriel, who tells him that his wife will have a child, and they shall...

The Heroes of Newtown Connecticut

Trevor Renner, staff writer

December 15

Filed under Gospel Values

Americas latest tragedy leaving 27 dead in Newtown Connecticut was the worst school shooting in American history. Though an awful tragedy several heroes have emerged out  of the shootings. Dianne Sawyer of ABC interviewed a...

Michigan Becomes 24th Right-To-Work State: What It Means

Josh Hejka, Associate Editor

December 14

Filed under Gospel Values, Lives of Responsibility and Leadership, Top Stories

This Tuesday, Governor Rick Snyder signed the bills that make Michigan the 24th right-to-work state in America. These bills cover both private and public sector unions, and are a part of the continuing effort from the “one tough...

New Advancement In Stem Cell Research

Maria Jalil, Medical Correspondent

November 5

Filed under Gospel Values

For over decades, stem cells has arguably been the forefront of research.  The NIH in 2011 alone spent $200 million on embryonic stem cell research. It is extremely controversial for several reasons.  One being  whether embryonic...

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